Favorite WWE intro song?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. I have a couple. Even though I hate Barrett, his is good. And I liked Nexus' We are one theme. I also like CM punk's and Ted Dibiase :emoji_slight_smile:

  2. Nothing will ever beat that for me. I like Kofi's too.
  3. I second the Edge theme tune that was posted above.
  4. Yes, Edge's. So good.
  5. The old RAW theme. (The TV-14 version)

  6. Edge's is a really good song. Alterbridge ftw.

    My personal favorite is this. Even from the intro you can tell its going to epic.

  7. Such a great post. Forgot about this.

    Evolutions theme aswell was great.
  8. The better version that was used on RAW:


  9. Also great, loved this.
  10. As did I ^
  11. I remember this intro playing every time I launched a SVR game on PS2 years.
    I was a little kid, I was actually trying to record the video with my old cell phone :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Alex riley's intro song is pretty sick. I'm also a fan Punks intro.
  13. Gotta agree on "The Edge's entry music" Lovely one!
  14. Yeah I like both of them too. I also like this:
  15. BOOKA! Love the start of that song.
  16. Intro's would be the one previous of the current.
    Now when you talk about themes.

  17. Definitely agree on Christians and Ortons. Loved those.

  18. Out of The Fire.
  19. Omg forgot about that one, it's quite similar to the one he's using now which is an altered version (again) of that.
  20. I heard it, and didn't like it. The first 2 Kane had were great.
    This is good too,