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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. What's your favorite WWE Legend, and why?

    I'm sure all of you know who I'm going to pick. :haha: Ron "Farooq" Simmons. I know he isn't the best, but he's a very good wrestler and has made historic achievements. He was the first African American world heavyweight champion, and the first and longest reigning WCW tag team champion in history with Butch Reed as Doom. Ron alos got the United States WCW tag team championship too. I also liked that he had a pretty good amount of moves for someone who was like a powerhouse, and I enjoyed his time in WWE. It's a shame he never got any singles championship, but he did help The Rock with the Nation of Domination. Also APA helped a lot in the Invasion. Also Ron was the first one to break the Master Lock. Glad he knew when to go though, that way JBL and others could get the pushes and screen time they needed.
  2. Vader!! Dudes fast for his size and beastly!!
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  3. Bob Backlund. The man's had the second longest reign as WWE champion, during his first run he was in excellent, excellent shape, he'd frequently wrestle hour-long draws, his work ethic was impeccable, was the last champ of the old days before Hogan came up (Sheik was just a transition), then he left and came back around 10 years later, first as just a babyface, stayed in the '93 Rumble from #3 until he was the second last guy to be eliminated, as the story in his '90s run was that he wanted the WWF title back. And then he did against Bret Hart. In a very technical match he thought he won with a roll up, but the ref said it was 2 and Hart rolled him up as well for the win... he went apeshit and put the Crossface Chickenwing on Hart for the first time. Then he started his epic heel run as Mr. Bob Backlund, where he'd play an angry old man pissed at today's generation. Then he won the WWF title at Survivor Series '94, 11 years after he lost it to the Iron Sheik. Great technical wrestler overall and would put anyone over, very nice person. Still in great shape to this day, legend.
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  4. I dont have a favourite :/
  5. JBL.

    His clothesline, Clothesline from hell it was a simple move, but it was awesome. He also had a WWE title reign that lasted as long as Yokozuna's, 280 days. Also, a 17 time hardcore champion.
  6. Does kane count as a legend
  7. no
  8. why does JBL count as a legend :notsure:
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