Favorite WWE Movie

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zack Ryder, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Over time, WWE has released tons of DVDs such as No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan and Zeus and The Marine starring John Cena. Which WWE movie was your favorite?
  2. Only seen legendary, and tbh, it wasn't even that bad.
  3. See No Evil with Kane was pretty good. I can't say that about their other movies though.
  4. I liked Marine and Reunion
  5. The Call was ok. Dead Man Down was ok also.
  6. See No Evil was alright.
  7. Behind Enemy LinesColumbia was okay
  8. Knucklheads
  9. That movie was okay,
  10. Knucklehead was alright
  11. I've only seen Legendary, and that was good.
  12. All of them suck. End of story.
  13. Suburban commando
  14. The Marine! First part. I didn't enjoy the next two Marine films
  15. You guys better watch "That's What I Am" It's actually a really good film

    A close second is The Run Down. It had the Rock, Sean William Scott and. if you. read this RIGHT. You will know. That. The last guy i'm talking about. Is. Christopher Walken.
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