Favorite WWE Refer

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  1. There has been many Superstars who've been in the arena, but the people behind the count are the ones that make WWE possible. So who's your fav Ref? Write it below
  2. The blonde one
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Earl Hebner is the greatest ref of all time.
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  5. Jimmy Korderas, Charles Robinson and Earl Hebner.
  6. Hell yeah
  7. I moved fav series into locker room check it out
  8. Justin King
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  9. Definitely J King.

    I once had a dream I met J King. GOAT dream.
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  10. Sells better than half the wrestlers do.
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  11. Maria. She had been a referee once so once is once.
  12. The bald black guy who takes his job too seriously
  13. Charles Robinson.
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