Favorite WWE Tag Team in History

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by True Warrior, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. What is your favorite WWE Tag Team in history?
  2. Here's my Top 5

    The Rockers
    Hart Foundation
    Legion Of Doom
    Demolition (Ax n Smash)
    Powers Of Pain (Warlord n Barbarian)

    Fuck it have 6

  3. Kane/Undertaker, Hardy Boyz.
  4. APA, Brothers of Destruction, The Power Trip and New Age Outlaws
  5. DX with only HBK and HHH.
  6. In no order, Dudleys, Hardys, E an C, New Age Outlaws and London and Kendrick.
  7. DX, New Age Outlaws, E&C
  8. The Brothers of Destruction
    New Age Outlaws
    Too Cool
    Team Hell No
    The Hardy Boyz
    Edge and Christian
  9. Rated RKO, D-Generation X, Brothers Of Destruction, Londrick/The Hooliganz , & E&C would be my top five. Not in that order though for example Londrick is my number one. I just wrote them in a weird order to avoid having to rank them.
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