Favorite WWE Tag Teams of 2012

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by True Warrior, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. What are your favorite WWE Tag Teams of 2012?
  2. 1) Team Hell no : They have great chemistry together and are so funny. Kane and DBryan remind me of a my children the way they fight but when under attack they always stick together

    2) The Rhodes Scholars a great pair of heels both very talented in the ring and on the mic

    3) Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara high energy and great fun to watch.
  3. Hell no were enjoyable at first but grew Abit dull imo, PTPs were my favourites..
  4. Hell No, PTP, Scholars.
  5. It was a great year for the Tag Team Division , Can't really say who were my favorites, I liked Hell no , PTP and Scholars.
  6. hell no :emoji_grin: comedy at its finest
  7. PTP. Hell No got stale unfortunately.
  8. Dolph Ziggler & Swagger j/k that was awful. Probably Hell No for 2012 as my favorite, but it needs to be dropped. The best tag team was probably PTP
  9. Team Hell NO! - At the start it was very entertaining. Now it got stale

    The Ascension - From NXT of course. I liked there style but sadly it didn't work out in the end.

    Prime Time Players - Were hilarious and then they released A.W. But it didn't affect them that much so it's still good.
  10. Team Hell No was good as far as brining some eyes back to the division, but overall I think they failed. There's not restoration that was brought because of it. They're more intergrated with the main storyline more than matches with people from their own division. Then when they do fight people like PTP or Rhodes Scholars there's no drama behind it or excitement. I blame The Hardyz, Dudleuz, and Edge & Christian for setting a high standard.

    Anyway back to the topic. My favorite tag team was The Usos this year. They really work well together and I can tell they're a tag team and not two singles guys who were thrown together. They perform well in the ring every time I see them, plus I think they have a good fan following as well. Aside from Primo & Epico and maybe PTP, they're the only team that feels like a real tag team.
  11. Seeing this thread makes me miss the True Warrior. :upset:
  12. What happened to him?
  13. I was hoping you can answer it, since you know everything.:finger:
  14. Re: RE: Favorite WWE Tag Teams of 2012

    You killed him Aries.
  15. I miss The Ascension, they had a lot of potential :sad:
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