Favorite WWE video game ever?

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  1. What is your favorite WWE video game ever?
  2. Shut Your Mouth.
  3. No Mercy, N64

    Smackdown, PS1

    All others = garbage
  4. HCTP followed by SYM.
  5. Smackdown 2.
  6. HCTP or SVR
  7. I agree, it had the most free of the season modes. It also had the best roster and a shit load of matches. CAS options were also in depth.

    Mainly it was the season mode that made it for me, you basically choose your own path and they were all very detailed and branching. Nowadays it feels like THQ likes to put its stories on tracks, with very little difference from previous games. :sad1:
  8. Exactly. The storylines were also great especially the nWo one. Loved how you could just walk around and talk with anyone and go anywhere inside backstage area. It also didn't had that stupid Limb damage system.
  9. HCTP was the best imo...
  10. I'm going to do my top five . . .

    I. Day Of Reckoning 2 ~ Simply put, best gameplay. I have very little complaints about the gameplay, the only thing being is I wish they keeped some of the bad-ass stuff you could in ladder matches from number one in (if you had a ladder stu up on the outside and were on the top of it, you could attack off that ladder into the ring and knock the ladder down if someone is trying to get the belt. Or vice versa, if you're on top of the ladder in the ring, you can jump off and dropkick someone on the outside standing on top a ladder . . . basically they removed thw ability to cross ring boundaries [for the most part, one of those two may be possible]) and that's about it. The match types were great too, nothing quite like a fatal four way last man standing match. And it's nigh impossible to win fatal four way steel cage matches. It's also one of the rare games that I can actually have competitive matches with computers on a regularly basis. The game is bare on modes, and I don't care for their career mode because they force you to do a fatal four way steel cage match. I will say that the story itself is great and original, and superior to the firsts (even though I prefer the first games campaign) But it's the gameplay, and the fact my brother likes it to, it has given me the most mileage out of any wrestling game. And it isn't done giving either.

    II. Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain ~ Fantastic season mode that I still play to this day, fantastic gameplay, and one of the best rosters in any wrestling game ever. Considering that a lot of people have already selected this as their favorite I don't see any reason for me to elaborate any further.

    The rest is in no particular order by the way . . .

    III. Raw 2 ~ A totally different experience from the other wrestling games out there, but a more refined variant of the one in the first game that was so poor. The gameplay isn't the greatest but I like a different approach to wrestling games, I liked that each wrestler had a finisher for like every grapple scenario possible rather than just be limited to two different ones like in the Smackdown series. I also love the season mode, so fun to play multiplayer on that one. Combine HCTP & Raw 2's season mode, and you got my ideal season mode. Plus, it has by far the best Royal Rumble match period. Why? Two reasons. One; you could have the entire roster in one, including CAW's, I've had over 100 man Royal Rumbles. Two; you could go under the bottom rope and wrestle on the outside or just hide out on the outside. Also when you did that, if someone was just eliminated while you're out there, they'd target you before disappearing which was a cool addition. Oh, and finally being able to more freely edit the superstars was great, I think it's the only game since No Mercy to have something even close to No Mercy customizability with non-CAWs. It was still no No Mercy but still.

    IV. Smackdown Vs. Raw 2006 ~ The gameplay is fantastic, I can have consistent competitive matches with CPU, a rarity for me in WWE games. Some of the best graphics. A great season mode, even if not as good as say HCTP, I've giving the season mode more than one play-through. But even better was the addition of GM mode (a mode that was almost perfected in 08 but that game was terrible outside of that so you won't see it mentioned again), which is one of my favorite game modes in anything ever, for obvious reasons if you read my posts before. Another thing was this game provided you with ton of content whereas with '13, which just misses this list by the way, most of the content is something you have find.

    What I mean is '13's Attitude Era modes doesn't take long to beat from what I've heard, and from what I've played of it it certainly doesn't have much if any replay value. Most of the time spent with the game will be Universe and/or Story Designer, both game modes that places you at the forefront of creating what you'll be doing with the game. If you aren't into that stuff you're kind of screwed. In 06, you had season mode, with multiple branching storylines and a roster of anyone that's pretty much fully-voiced acted, which lends itself to many replayability. GM mode is infititely replayable if you're like me. And even once you're done with season mode, you still have those challenges to do. Hope I made sense there.

    V. Day Of Reckoning ~ Nostalgia plays a big hand to why this made the list. However, it's gameplay is fantastic too. It's pretty much Day Of Reckoning 2 with more chaos when ladders get involved and without DoR2's submission system (which I love). Another plus is I actually like the story mode in this game. At least this one doesn't force you to do a fatal four way steel cage match.
  11. I'm actually liking WWE '13 atm.
  12. No Mercy
    Just Bring It
    Wrestlemania 2000
  13. In terms of Storyline, SYM or Day of Reckoning 2.

    In terms of Gameplay, HCTP/2006.

    In terms of the all around package... No Mercy.

    However, none of them are my favorite wrestling game.
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