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  1. Just another random Favorites thread. Copy/Paste, add in your answers. :woo1:

    Color :
    Season :
    Animal (Pet) :
    Food :
    Junk Food :
    Smell :
    Wrestler :
    Name :
    Word :
    Music Category :
    Sport(s) :
    TV Show(s) :
    Movie(s) :
    Video Game(s) :
    Favorite way to relax :
    Favorite thing you do to pass time :
    Favorite thing you celebrate :
  2. Favorite...
    Color : Blue
    Season : Summer
    Animal (Pet) : Turtle
    Food : Chicken Wings
    Junk Food : Ketchup chips (only in Canada)
    Smell : Weird question......certain food I guess
    Wrestler : Bret Hart/Curt Hennig
    Name : Senhor Perfect :jeritroll:
    Word : ?
    Music Category : Classic rock
    Sport(s) : Hockey
    TV Show(s) : Dexter, Sopranos, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc.
    Movie(s) : Godfather 1-2, Scarface, Fight Club, American History X, Tarantino movies, etc.
    Video Game(s) : FF series, RE series, Mario series, NHL/FIFA series, etc.
    Favorite way to relax : Sleep.
    Favorite thing you do to pass time : VGs, Foruming, time with family.
    Favorite thing you celebrate : Kids' birthdays
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  3. Color: Orange
    Season: Fall
    Animal: Too hard to decide... I'll go with dog for now.
    Food: Baked BBQ chips
    Junk Food: Wendy's/KFC
    Smell: Gasoline
    Wrestler: Too many. Anderson, Rhodes, Big E, Ziggler, ADR, Cena, etc.
    Name: Dean (Was my fav even before Ambrose), Joe/Joey
    Word: Tits, titties, tots. I don't know I think I have tourettes sometimes.
    Music Category: Rap
    Sports: NFL Football, NASCAR
    TV Show: America's Got Talent for sure, South Park, Hardcore Pawn, Impractical Jokers, Duck Dynasty, Workaholics
    Movies: Talladega Nights is the best move of all time. Batman movies, any other comedies.
    Video Games: Battlefield games, Batman games, WWE, Garry's Mod, TF2, L4D2, Madden.
    Favorite Way to Relax: Hmmm. Don't know. Just sit down and chill I guess.
    Pass Time: Video Games
    Favorite thing I celebrate: Christmas, Halloween,4/20
  4. A favorite smell isn't weird. I like the smell of gasoline and bonfires. :ksi:
    Also... Favorite word pertains to a word you use a lot in day to day communication.
  5. Purple
    Flaming hot cheetos
    Dean Ambrose
    Hardcore/Pop Punk/Hip-Hop
    Suits,Workaholics,Community,Breaking Bad
    The Dark Knight Rises,Wanted,Wolverine
    Assassins' Creed Series,GTA Series,Sleeping Dogs
    Sleep,Be LQ here
  6. I shall do mine since I once again... Forgot. lol

    Color : Blue
    Season : Fall
    Animal (Pet) : Cat
    Food : Pizza
    Junk Food : Ice Cream
    Smell : Gasoline, Bonfires, Baby Stuff (Like body wash, baby wipes, ect)
    Wrestler : Bret Hart
    Name : Bruce Wayne
    Word : Beans (I try not to swear to insert that where every some would say son of a b---- lol)
    Music Category : Alternative Rock & Classical (no lyrics/words)
    Sport(s) : NFL & NBA
    TV Show(s) : The Walking Dead, Parenthood, New Girl, Breaking Bad
    Movie(s) : Pretty much all super hero movies, 300, Lion King
    Video Game(s) : CoD, Gears, NBA2K, Madden, Assassin's Creed, Fable, Batman (Arkham games), Lego games
    Favorite way to relax : Back rub, getting my back tickled
    Favorite thing you do to pass time : Video games, write, make charms/jewelry, draw/paint
    Favorite thing you celebrate : Christmas... I just like giving people things & watching them open them.
  7. okay Tyson. lol
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  8. Favorite...
    Color : Red
    Season : Spring
    Animal (Pet) : Puppy
    Food : Pasta
    Junk Food : Beef Burger
    Smell : Female Vagina after sex with Igor Biscan <3
    Wrestler : Christopher Nowinski
    Name : Ben Dover
    Word : Peadophile
    Music Category : Porno Music
    Sport(s) : Water Polo
    TV Show(s) : Total Divas
    Movie(s) : Bratz Rock Angel
    Video Game(s) : Mary-Kate and Ashley's Sweet 15 Birthday Bash
    Favorite way to relax : Masturbation
    Favorite thing you do to pass time : Masturbation
    Favorite thing you celebrate : Masturbation
  9. Favorite...
    Color : Red
    Season : Winter
    Animal (Pet) : none
    Food : any kind of red meat.
    Junk Food : Burgers.
    Smell : No idea
    Wrestler : Dolph Ziggler.
    Name : Fernando for some reason.
    Word : Powerful.
    Music Category :Indy Rock.
    Sport(s) : Football
    TV Show(s) :Breaking Bad,Community,GOT,HIMYM,TBBT.
    Movie(s) :The dark knight
    Video Game(s) :Arkham city, GTA ,Trials,Portal.
    Favorite way to relax :listen to music.
    Favorite thing you do to pass time :Video games, watch tv, Youtube.
    Favorite thing you celebrate : Birthday i guess.
  10. It's a dream of mine to have a domesticated pet tiger one day.
  11. Color : Orange
    Season : Spring
    Animal (Pet) : Cat
    Food : (vegetarian) lasagna
    Junk Food : Ice-Cream
    Smell : Yours
    Wrestler : Jeff Hardy
    Name : Austin
    Word : Abecedarian
    Music Category : Heavy Metal
    Sport(s) : Football (NFL), baseball, basketball and hockey
    TV Show(s) : Hardcore Pawn (I may go someday there just to have some laughs), South Park (loved that Steve Job's Human Centipede episode lol), Breaking Bad.
    Movie(s) : The Star Wars saga.
    Video Game(s) : NFL 25.
    Favorite way to relax : Sleep.
    Favorite thing you do to pass time : Call my girlfriend...
    Favorite thing you celebrate : My birthday, fuck yeah!
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  12. Mine too but I honestly can't see it happening unless the tiger was declawed in which case... tis cruel. So instead of aiming that high, I am settling to own a Bobcat in the future.
  13. Color: Black.
    Season: Spring, Summer and Fall are all tied.
    Animal (Pet): Cats.
    Food: Chili, egg rolls, cheese broccoli with rice, etc.
    Junk Food: Reese's.
    Smell: ?
    Wrestler: Of all time, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Current day, CM Punk/Randy Orton.
    Name: Kevin? It's my first name after all.
    Word: No idea.
    Music Category: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
    Sport(s): I hate sports.
    TV Show(s): The Shield, Breaking Bad, The Wire.
    Movie(s): The Godfather, Die Hard, Dirty Harry, Reservoir Dogs, Once Upon A Time In America, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Unforgiven, etc.
    Video Game(s): Metal Gear Solid (PS1), Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nes), Mortal Kombat 2 (Arcade), Doom (PS1), Tetris Plus (PS1), Resident Evil 2 (PS1), Super Mario 64 (N64), etc.
    Favorite way to relax: Watch cat videos.
    Favorite thing you do to pass time: Surf the internet, take a walk outside, play video games, etc.
    Favorite thing you celebrate: I don't celebrate anything.

  14. Pyro!
  15. LIES! :angry:

  16. :yay: I always thought your favourite was Punk.
  17. Nope! Bret Hart > All :woo1:
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  18. Color : Purple
    Season : Summer
    Animal (Pet) : Puppeh!
    Food : Pizza
    Junk Food : Flaming Hot Cheetos are quite good.
    Smell : Gasoline & Fire [​IMG]
    Wrestler : CM Punk
    Name : Shannon (Is it not obvious?), with Jake being second
    Word : No idea.
    Music Category : Hard Rock
    Sport(s) : Baseball, football, basketball
    TV Show(s) : Spongebob, Dora The Explorer (Hell yes)
    Movie(s) : Red Dawn, The Dark Knight Rises, Man Of Steel
    Video Game(s) : All I really play is WWE games..
    Favorite way to relax : Laying down while listening to music.
    Favorite thing you do to pass time : Computer.
    Favorite thing you celebrate : My birthday. You celebrate me being born!
  19. Favorite...
    Color : Purple
    Season : Spring
    Animal (Pet) : Cat
    Food : Lasagna
    Junk Food : Cheez-its
    Smell : flowers
    Wrestler : AJ Lee
    Name : Layla
    Word : I don't have a favorite word
    Music Category : alternative rock
    Sport(s) : Football (NFL), hockey
    TV Show(s) : Psych, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, My Mad Fat Diary, Doctor Who, etc.
    Movie(s) : Anchorman, A Walk To Remember, She's The Man, Iron Man, Wizard of Oz, etc.
    Video Game(s) : I don't play video games
    Favorite way to relax : take a nap
    Favorite thing you do to pass time : Read, go biking, watch TV, go on the forums, go on the internet
    Favorite thing you celebrate : Christmas and Easter, both are a lot of fun with my family

  20. [​IMG]
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