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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 10, 2016.

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  1. Just a fun way to get to know everyone better or just generally waste time. lol

    Ask a question pertaining to someone's favorite whatever.
    The next person answers then asks another question.
    Simple enough yea?

    I'll start....

    What is your favorite color?
  2. Orange

    favourite food?
  3. Sasuage, probably Italian. I'd say subs, but that's an entire food genre itself.

    Favorite TV show
  4. Friends is the GOAT. Prison Break, South Park honorable mentions

    Your current favorite hip-hop song?
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  5. ^tits broke @deth lolol

    CATS!!!!!!!! :angry: :kitler:

    What's your favorite drink?
  6. Lol fixed. Dude the lyrics lol

    Hmmm probably lemonade.

    Favorite candy?
  7. The heaviest and hardest kind so it hurts when I throw it at you! :angry: :cry: :why:

    Favorite time of year?
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  8. Winter for sure.

    Favorite musical artist?
  9. Just solo? Paul Simon

    Favorite cereal brand??
  10. Dig Ems or Smack Ems, whatever they're called. Never ever eat cereal, but when I do it's usually that.

    Favorite movie
  11. I really don't have a favorite movie so I will just say the Lion King cause lions >>>

    What is your favorite sleeping position?
  12. Upside down

    What's your favorite cloud?
  13. @Cloud

    favorite video game?
  14. Metal Gear Solid 2

    Favorite country?
  15. Canada(even though I'm British....IDGAF)

    Favourite mythical creature?
  16. Cthulhu

    Favorite cartoon?
  17. Rick and Morty off the top of my head

    Favorite song?
  18. Oasis - Wonderwall

    Favorite board game?
  19. Chess, though I haven't played in a while.

    Favorite ice cream flavor?
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