TV Favourite Actor to play Doctor Who ?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Fireshock, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. Recently been watching a lot of Doctor Who, so I have a question for all the Doctor Who viewers/ fans who is your favourite actor to play the Doctor classic and new ?

  2. I think Colin Baker deserves a lot more credit than he ever gets. He was thrown a terrible hand by the production team for his entire run, even with him trying his best to make his character much more serious. The man has been dedicated to the show, enough to continue engaging with the fans and Big Finish audio up to the present day.

    I actually love Capaldi as the Doctor, though I never know if that's because he's just the current incarnation. He has that 'alien' feel that's been lacking for a little while. Since the show came back in 2005, it's felt like the Doctor is a human, aside from the changing face, that has a time machine. It's been nice to have a slightly more distant Doctor that's had to adjust again. Capaldi has been hampered by Moffat not knowing what to do: A) With the Clara storyline B) With an actor that isn't Matt Smith.

    I'm actually looking forward to series 10! :emoji_grin:
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  3. I do enjoy all doctors, each of them bring something to the table which is good for me at least. The 6 th doctor I did enjoy though, Colin Baker sounds like such a cool fella to talk to. Any problems I have had with he show has been stories, scripts or certain other areas never the person to play the doctor.
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