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  1. I have thrown together this video due to boredom.

    These are my favourite WWE entrance themes w/ trons.

    What are yours and do you agree with the ones I included?

    Here's the video in glorious 1080p!

  2. Not on topic, but I love your avatar.
  3. Thank you!

  4. Finished watching the video, good choices. I love the old-school themes!
  5. The Sandman's theme(Enter the Sandman by Metallica)
    Show Spoiler

    Jeff Hardy current TNA theme
    Show Spoiler

    CM Punk's WWE themes
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    Christian's current theme
    Show Spoiler

    Chris Jericho's theme
    Show Spoiler

    Rob Van Dam Fury of the Storm
    Show Spoiler

    Nexus theme
    Show Spoiler

    Chris Benoit theme
    Show Spoiler

    2003 Raw theme
    Show Spoiler

    Smackdown 2005 theme
    Show Spoiler

    That's all for now
  6. Triple H - My time, was such a good theme, I was listening to it earlier funnily enough.

  7. __________

  8. i always like End of days the corres theme and later wade barrets
  9. Kanes is the best ever! you can't beat his!
  10. CM Punk - Miseria Cantare/Cult Of Personality

    Daniel Bryan- The Final Countdown/Flight of the Valkyries

    Christian-Just Close Your Eyes

  11. I really like

    It just fits his character so well.
  12. The one of the Kane is freaky. And I like it.
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