Favourite football players your country has produced.

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  1. NOTE: This is real football or "soccer" we are talking about. Hand egg discussions can be kept in a thread of it's own as to not cause confusion.

    List of the ten best football players your country has produced in modern times. In no particular order.

    I'll go first.

    1 - Zlatan Ibrahimovic (I might not like the guys attitude but he is one hell of a player)
    2 - Fredrik Ljungberg
    3 - Henrik Larsson (R'Albin will kill me if I do not add him :haha: )
    4 - Kim Källström
    5 - Johan Elmander
    6 - Anders Svensson
    7 - Olof Mellberg
    8 - Tomas Brohlin (World Cup 94, need I say more)
    9 - Sebastian Larsson
    10 - Emir Bajrami
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  2. I'm shocked Melberg isn't higher for you - isn't he a legend? Henrik was an amazing player, as was Freddie.


    1) Bobby Charlton
    2) Bobby Moore
    3) Wayne Rooney
    4) Paul Gasgoin (not sure on spelling)
    5) Gary Lineker
    6) Gary Neville
    7) David Beckham
    7) John Barnes
    8) Ashley Cole
    9) Rio Ferdinand
    9) Steven Gerrard/Frank Lampard
    10) Paul Scholes

    Tried to limit it to 10, I could go on.
  3. Note that I wrote in no general order. Just pick the top ten. That does not mean that they are the top ten. If I had ranked them as I personally see them in ranking Källström and Mellberg with be in the top since I am a big fan of their play style.
  4. Oops my bad.
  5. Okay, just for the record I'm not a Celtic fan if that's what you're suggesting, but yes it would've been a travesty has he not been added :true:

    In my years..

    1. Darren Fletcher - Unbelievable player, so much unseen work for teams and is playing despite it being very dangerous due to his health issues. Amazing player.

    2. Craig Gordon - Hearts **** but most expensive British keeper, again injuries have seriously hampered his career.

    3. James Mcfadden

    4. Steven Fletcher

    In my time that is literally all I can think of that are worthy of being in the list. My Hibs bias would cause me too much of an issue and talent-wise I believe Garry O'Connor, Derek Riordan and Scotty Brown are a lot more talented footballers than the likes of Kenny Miller, Kris Boyd and Barry "the crab" Ferguson but it never got utilised and never managed to go as far in the game.

    There are a lot of potential guys who could('ve) make that list - Barry Bannan, Jordan Rhodes, Fraser Fyvie (I don't rate him but trying to not be too bias), Leigh Griffiths etc but they will never get anywhere with the fucking hobo version of Harry Potter in charge, who decided to pick Garry fucking Kenneth in his shitty squad - which - incidentally is just filled with a bunch of English men who have Great Great Great Aunties that had a sister who had a friend who had a brother that once had a dog that once pissed on a Scottish guy's doorstep, and this qualifies them for a place in our fucking national squad.

    He also decides that a 4-6-0 against a vulnerable Czech team is a good idea, get a fucking grip you tramp.

    It wouldn't surprise me if we lost every single game in our next qualifying campaign with this clown in charge.

    ...And do not get me started on the Steven Fletcher debacle.
  6. So glad you added Darren. He's probably the most underrated premier league midfielder there is, alongside Michael Carrick, both United players. If he was Spanish or Brazilian, people would call him one of the best holding midfielder's in the world. But no, English players are fucking underrated constantly.
  7. 1.) Johan Cruijff
    2.) Marco van Basten
    3.) Dennis Bergkamp
    4.) Ruud van Nistelrooy
    5.) Patrick Kluivert
    6.) Faas Wilkes
    7.) Abe Lenstra
    8.) Johan Neeskens
    9.) Jaap Stam
    10.) Dirk Kuijt
    11.) Wesley Sneijder
    12.) Clarence Seedorf
    13.) Edgar Davids
    14.) Edwin van der Sar
    15.) Ruud Gullit
    16.) Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink
    17.) Rafael van der Vaart
    18.) Robin van Persie
    19.) Arjen Robben
    20.) Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
  8. 3.) Dennis Bergkamp
    4.) Ruud van Nistelrooy

    SO GOOD.
  9. Ikr! I died a little today when I read about Ruud's retirement. :((
  10. Same. I died more when he left United in his prime. He was never the same. If he stayed he would have become one of the best strikers of all time like he was at the time. Jesus he was talented.
  11. So true..

    Remember the goal he build up himself from the kick off dot?
  12. Against Fulham?
  13. Dunno fer sure
  14. I feel out of place ITT
    sexy beast
  15. Totally this, great player and great dedication to the game.
  16. @[Dolph'sZiggler]


    AS Roma wants this dude now.. :facepalm1:
  17. I'd put Donnavon up there with Dempsey for the US, he's awesome.
  18. Don't forget Tim Howard, had good times..
  19. Brad Friedal > Tim Howard
  20. Friedel is like.. 46 now, right?