Favourite Movie?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Ok so I searched the threads and I found a "favourite horror" and "favourite Batman" movie threads,"favourite movie quotes" even, but I am looking for a discussion on your TOP favourite movie, any genre. A reason or two would be nice as well. Newer, older, whatever.

    Soooooooo, I would have to say my all time favourite movie so far is Dazed and Confused. I've watched it so many times. Actually, I think I will again soon now that I am talking typing about it. I just love the characters, the quotes, the music, the friggin time period even. I wish I could have grown up in the '70s (oh, there's another thread idea). And that opening sequence to Sweet Emotion, pure gold.

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  2. So nobody watches movies. Ok.
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  3. I don't actually watch a lot of movies, it's just not a medium I could ever really get into but my favorite movie of all-time is probably Back To The Future Part II. Normally I'd go on a long-winded rant fully elaborating on why I love the movie so much but truth be told I don't remember it all too well to really go into detail. It's also why no Star Wars movies are in contention for me for those curious, I don't really remember the original trilogy all too well. I remember the Back To The Future series to feel confidant in ranking it as one of my all-time favorite series but I can't do the same with Star Wars so that really affects me decision.

    Also, Batman: Under The Red Hood is up there for me as well and that's one I perfectly remember. I honestly wasn't going to mention it just because you mentioned there already was a Batman movie thread (I recall writing up my quick thoughts on the Nolan trilogy on here quite some time ago, assuming that was thread?) but that would be up there.
  4. :mog: Someone replied to my thread. I was going to ask them to delete it soon lol. So thanks.

    Back to the Future Series: Great pick. I watched the hell out of those movies growing up. I was a dig Doc fan.

    Star Wars: Totally a Star Wars geek as I totally know some of the "universe" outside the movies. Not my #1 though.

    Under the Red Hood: Animated film right? I think I watched it on Netflix. Good flick. I love me some animated hero movies.
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  5. have to say Mean Girls
  6. I have to say, I have not seen that one, but I have heard people mention it before.
  7. it was really good to me, not a type of movie guys will watch though. they made a part 2 and that sucked, the original cast wasn't even in it.
  8. Star Wars Episode V is my favorite movie.

    Guess it's just exciting to see the Galactic Empire getting the win after a major loss of the Death Star. Showed pretty good lightsaber combat, even if Vader had full control of the fight. Showed Yoda, a new Rebel base and the fight of Hoth, new allies, pretty cool flight battles, and just stuff like that. One of my favorite moments is an odd one, but it's when Lando betrays Han and his friends, and brings them straight to Vader. The way Han just pulls out the blaster and starts shooting Vader, it showed he didn't want no bullshit, he knew what he had to do and tried. He failed, but it showed his determination. Made me wonder...what if Lando did it as a joke, brought them to a fake guy dressed as Vader and Han opened fire at him like that :dawg:
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  9. Tough question.
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  10. Thats why I made the thread

  11. Definitely a good movie. Luke loses his hand in that one right? And the carbonite freeze on Han. SO awesome. I personally like the lightsaber fights in the newer movies. After watching those and seeing the old ones I noticed the difference. I'm sure they did as good as they could for the time the movie was produced though.

    Of course Farooq DatAss wasn't in movies back then, but he would have made kick ass Mace Windu. :smug:
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  12. If I were asked this 10 times I would likely give 10 answers dependent on my mood and what springs to mind. Same with favorite band, song, tv show ect.
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  13. Understandable
  14. For the purpose of this thread I'll say Resevoir Dogs. QT is one of my two favorite directors and this is my favorite film of his.
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  15. The Crow.
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  16. My fave movies are Avatar( didnt get to see it in the cinema, bought it on DVD and well i try to watch it at least once a month.
    I also enjoy watching The Last Samurai( love japanese culture) and if you want a decent movie to watch, try Apocalypto. Yes its direcred by Mel Gibson and contains a lot of violence/gore but its actually a very good watch but if you dont like reading subtitles in films, this one isnt for you
  17. I want to mention End Of Days too, don't like leaving it out. Sci Fi > all
  18. Not sure if I have seen that one, may have just been awhile, but yeah QT is great. Just saw the new one (Django Unchained) not that long ago. It was decent.

    The Crow is awesome, but just that one really. The sequels were < original. I actually have the graphic novel the first one is based off and they did a really good job adapting it for film. I think I may have seen End of Days awhile ago too. Can't remember who is in it though. Thank you IMDB. I am also a big fan of sci-fi stuff. Interested in seeing the new Riddick movie? I know I am. And Gravity looks cool too. I know thats based in normal reality, but then again its in space, so I kind of put it in the Sci-Fi group.
  19. End Of Days is Arnie and Gabriel Byrne. The devil ect.. got low ratings somehow.
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  20. One flew over the cuckoo's nest or The Shawshank Redemption.

    Shawshank just tells an amazing story, with great acting.

    One flew is just insanely beautiful and Jack kills it.
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