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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Robbie Coletrain, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Just curious what peoples favourite movies are, mine is The Warriors, anyone here seen it? Its so damn boss! :boss:
    But anyway what's your all-time favourite movie?
  2. There are far too many to choose from.
  3. The Big Lebowski
  4. :okay:
  5. Pick one pussy.
  6. Gran Torino is near the top of my list.
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  7. Now see that wasn't so hard now was it.

    I've never actually sat through GT in it's entirety. I've seen bits and pieces and should watch it some time. Racist Eastwood is hilarious
  8. Ever seen Me Myself And Irene? one of the funniest films ever imo
  9. Yea, it's my favorite Jim Carrey movie. I'm not a big fan of his tbh, but that movie is pretty hilarious.
  10. Transformers trilogy.

    Come. At. Me. Dolph's.
  11. These movies could easily be listed as my 3 least favorite of all time.
  12. Yeah Carrey's just doin the same old stuff now except now its not funny, i only really like Irene and Liar Liar but even thats a little bit dated now.


    You obviously havnt seen Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus or Snakes On A Plane.
    Wow they were bad :facepalm1:
  13. Dumb and Dumber, Me Myself and Irene, and Liar Liar are good. Ace Ventura's were okay when I was a kid. Besides that he can suck it
  14. Never seen myself and irene, I might go for that later, I love Jim Carrey so much #Homo.

    Some other films I'm a massive fan of is Batman: The Dark Knight, one of the best films of all time imo. Heath Ledger (RIP) was phenomenal. Inception was pretty awesome as well to be honest. Super 8 is fucking fantastic.
  15. Yeh forgot about Dark Knight, like you said Heath Ledger was amazing in that! The third one wont be the same without him.
  16. TDK is good, but overrated.
  17. Off to bed ill come on this thread tomorrow.
  18. It's Kimpossible to overrate TDK.

    IMO the up-and-coming Batman film will top it and be the GOAT.

    Another film I love is Avatar, man I marked hard for that film. The LOTR trilogy was awesome too.
  19. Mission:Impossible Series. And The movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (OK, maybe I only enjoyed Iron Man (both), Thor, and Avengers.). ;*
  20. I'd like to add Pulp Fiction and Fight Club to my list.
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