Favourite PPV Event Ever

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  1. Simple, what is your personal favourite pay-per-view ever?

    Mine has to be Vengeance 2001 where Jericho became the first WWF undisputed champion.
  2. MITB 2011. Had to say it.
  3. MiTB 2011.
    Without a shadow of a doubt.
  4. Wrestlemania 17 without a doubt. Such a great card it had.
    If you said the last PPV event that was good, for me it would be MITB 2011.
  5. Summerslam 2001. You had rock vs booker,austin angle,jeff hardy rvd, edge lance storm and rhyno jericho. Heyman heeling it up on commentary.
  6. I can't choose between three,
    - Summerslam 2000 (Kane vs Undertaker and The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs HHH were great)
    - Royal Rumble 2000 (The Rock vs Big Show ending, and Rikishi's dominance at the start)
    - Armageddon 2000 (Chris Jericho vs Kane Last man standing and 6 man hell in a cell, Rikishi, Angle, Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold, HHH. The two best matches ever)
  7. Might actually watch Armageddon 2000 again. Can't remember how the hell in a cell match ended :O.
  8. First time I watched it, I was so annoyed when Vince began pulling the cage down, I thought it would ruin it, but it made the match even better.
  9. Thanks for ruining it :emoji_wink:.

    I remember the days when I used to hate every single bad guy in WWE. I tend to prefer them now...
  10. KOTR 97, Judgement Day 04 and WM XX
  11. Pride 33: The Second Coming
  12. Wrestlemania 3 cause sweg.
  13. Going with WrestleMania XIX, Vengeance 2001 is a close second though.
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    Victory Road 2011

    serious answer: Destination X 2012, probably. Maybe one like Survivor Series 09, which has sentimental value as the first PPV I saw, or one of the Rumbles. None of them really stand out
  15. All the Punk marks who were saying Mitb 2011 :lol1:

    No Mercy 2001. Rock vs Jericho, Angle vs Austin vs Van Dam, and some solid undercard matches.
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  16. Probably either Wrestlemania 17 or Summerslam 2002.

    WM X-7 had Austin/Rock, Vince/Shane, Undertaker/HHH, Benoit/Angle, Kane/Raven/Show, etc.
    SS '02 had Brock/Rock, HHH/HBK, RVD/Benoit, Angle/Mysterio, etc.