Favourite RoH Superstar?

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  1. Simple question :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Also, who do you think will move on to WWE one day?
  2. Kevin Steen since he returned at final battle and El Generico. Both could make it in the WWE imo.
  3. I like Davey Richards and Eddy Edwards.
  4. El-Generico thanks to seabs. Looked up so many vids of him. He's the one who I think can make it, I've not seen much of Kevin. I know seabs is a big fan though.
  5. El Generico is awesome.
    WWE should sign him.
  6. HHH should do it. Doubt they will though since they have Sin Cara.
  7. HHH hired Sin Cara (botched a lot, now injured for long period) and Kharma (pregnant randomly). Not having a good time is he.

    As for this thread, I've seen bits of El-Generico, I'd absolutely love him to come to WWE.
  8. Sin Cara vs El Generico feud.
    That would a main event I would pay to watch if there weren't free live streamings online.
  9. I want to see Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio first. Then El-Generico comes in and we have 2 great high-flying greats.
  10. Oh god I'd love El Generico to be a major star in WWE.
  11. I'm pleasently superised by the love Generico is getting. I never knew he was that big on here lol.
  12. You introduced me to him properly (heard of him but never seen anything of him), ever since I've watched many YouTube videos of his matches lol.
  13. The guy's a beast!
  14. TJ Perkins or Jay Lethal.
  15. Jay Lethal has been great since his return and TV title reign plus the black machismo gimmick he did in TNA was really funny I thought.
  16. - El Generico (the best babyface in wrestling today)
    - Kevin Steen (the true anti-christ of wrestling, the way he incorporates his character into matches in unrivaled nowadays)
    - Michael Elgin (a young powerhouse, this guy could be huge)
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  17. I don't actively watch RoH at all, but even I have turned into a big fan of Generico and Steen.
  18. I've always been a big fan of the Briscoes. I can't believe WWE continues to let their tag team division flounder while talents like this are available
  19. El Genrico for the win. Also, @[seabs], who's that one guy with the curly hair that is really really good?
  20. I need abit more then that :L. What matches have you seen him in?