Favourite stand up comedian?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by louissiscool, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. I thought i would post this as a way of finding out about different comedians as its always cool to find new ones my favourite stand up at the moment is Jim Jeffries.

  2. Russel Brand and Bob Saget are the GOATs
  3. Jim Gaffigan and Phil Tag
  4. Dylan Moran and Rhod Gilbert.
  5. Billy F'N Kirkwood. Wrestling comedian, He opened the show at a DDP Q n A / Interview and it was brilliant and watched some stuff of his.
  6. I don't watch many stand-up comedians but Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle aren't too bad.
  7. Stand-up comedy sucks. Anyone can read jokes written by people they are paying.

    If I had to pick one then Sean Lock is OK.
  8. Nearly all comedian posted above are shit or I haven't heard of.
  9. I like Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan, and Demetri Martin.
  10. -Dave Chappelle
    -Louis CK
    -Bill Burr
    -George Carlin
    -Kevin Hart
    -Chris Rock.
  11. toss up between Patrice O'Neal and Greg Giraldo
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  12. if you choose to listen to shit comedians that is your problem. The comedians I enjoy definitely write their own material
  13. Patrice, Chappelle, and Peters.

    Hon mentions: Louis, Burr, Vos, Bob Kelly, Jimmy Norton
  14. Oh fuck, and Dan Soder. If you haven't seen him, check him out, funny dude.
  15. Billy Connolly is the GOAT comedian, IMO.
  16. To all the guys who mentioned Patrice O'Neal, I wanna suck y'all's dick right now.

    I don't watch too much stand up comedy, but other than O'Neal's work, I have enjoyed what I've seen so far from Dave Chappelle and Gabriel Iglesias.
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  17. Russel Brand>all
  18. Bill hicks is the GOAT.
  20. yeh he is pretty good have you seen this
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