Favourite tag match of all time?

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  1. I don't know why but I thought up this thread earlier today before noticing that the new posts was filled with 44842 threads about tag teams.

    What's your favourite tag match of all time? It has to be a 2 on 2 as well not multi-man.

    Having a hard time remembering specific ones, I enjoyed a lot of MNM/Hardys/PL+BK circa '07 but I can't think of any extraordinary 2 on 2 matches. I'd probably go for HBK/Cena vs Taker/Batista of NWO '07 from the little I've seen.

    So what's everyone else's? Imagine older viewers will have better matches than the ones I mentioned!

  2. I'm drawing a blank on anything from back in the day, but more recently Angle/Styles vs the WTTCOTW was an outstanding tag match from a couple of months ago.
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  3. Kane and Undertaker vs Two Man Power Trip (Austin & HHH)
    Back in 2001 or 2002.
  4. DX vs Vince & Shane McMahon and Big Show at Summerslam 2006.
  5. Remember watching this as a 9-10 year old, it was insanely awesome.
  6. Hardy Boyz vs E&C vs The Dudleys TLC match wrestlemania 17
  7. Fuck the two man power trip. So retarded. Heel SCSA = biggest fail of all time
  8. Benoit and Jericho vs Austin & Haitch. IMO it was the perfect tag match with an incredible crowd and 4 immense performers.
  9. Excuse my stupidity, but who's WTTCOTW?

    Will possibly give this a watch, given the names involved it should be entertaining enough.

    Not a massive fan anymore, loved it when I was 10/11 though.

    Great match, but see OP.

    Never even heard of this one, will definitely give this a viewing as with those names it's pretty much guaranteed to be awesome.
  10. I will not excuse your stupidity.

  11. The one with the bald guy! :yay:
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  13. Did you yet? If not,

  14. Men In Black?

    On topic, I'd have to agree with Austin/Triple H-Benoit/Jericho. Such an awesome match. I would also say the TLC match at WM17 but that was a ladder match, not a traditional tag team match.
  15. World Tag Team Champions... Of The World
  16. The Aries and King vs Ion and Roode match was absolutely insane as well. TNA: Proving that even random, pointless Raw-esque tag matches can still be entertaining in 2012.
  17. Legacy vs DX tag team submission match. all kinds of epic
  18. Forgot all about this thread.

    Thanks for that, good match, although a little bit of a clusterfuck at times. Like 25:30 when HHH is the legal man, he then goes to the outside and takes out Taker, only for Austin to come in, start assaulting Kane before tagging himself out. Just a technicality but still lol'd.

    Was a pretty exciting match and the finish was done pretty well. That's how a match with four powerhouses is meant to look, really brutal and aggressive, none of this signature filled crap that guys like Cena and Sheamus do these days.

    Enjoyed that, gonna move on to Jericho/Benoit vs HHH/Austin and Kaz and Daniels vs AJ + Angle. Probably the Legacy match at some point as well although I know the result already which puts me off somewhat.
  19. The Brothers of Destruction vs Two Man Power Trip
  20. BoD vs Power Trip was pretty good, I remember watching it last year or something. It was really nice. I'd say it's my 2 on 2 favorite because no other match comes to mind.
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