Favourite television programs.

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  1. I'll go first.


    -The Big Bang Theory
    -Two and a Half Men
    -The US Office
    -Him & Her
    -Family Guy
    -American Dad


    -Being Human
    -Doctor Who (stfu Xanth)
    -Torchwood (I swear Xanth stfu)
    -Any Football match.
    -Any Tennis match.
    -TNA (Back into it now)

    Can't seem to think of any more for now.
  2. Comedies
    The big bang theory
    Black adder
    American Dad
    Mr Bean
    Fawlty Towers

    English football league/ La Liga
    Rugby Union
    American Football
    Ice Hockey

    I tend to watch alot of sport lol.
  3. How could I miss Mr Bean? You watch NFL, NBA etc online?
  4. I mainly watch NFL on sky and only watch a few games online. Most NBA games I watch are on ESPN. So I actually don't have to watch that many online.
  5. Comedy:

    -Two and a Half Men
    - Family Guy
    - South Park (:emoji_heart_eyes:
    - Beavus and Butthead
    - Jackass (#1 favorite)


    - WWE
    - TNA
    - UFC
    - Man VS. Wild
    - Sons of Anarchy
    - Sons of Guns
    - Johnny Test
    - Scooby Doo :emoji_heart:
  6. Comedy:

    -The Big Bang Theory
    -The Cosby Show
    -Family Guy
    -The Simpsons
    -George Lopez
    -Silent Library


    -Breaking Bad
    -The Walking Dead
    -Case Closed
    -Dragonball Z
    -Impact Wrestling
  7. Damn I forgot South Park too.

    @[seabs] fair enough. I'd love to watch more NBA matches but don't have ESPN. NFL is very rarely on Sky Sports and when it is it's at ridiculous times.
  8. NFL isn't really that bad here is the schedule for January as you see alot of it isn't as bad as staying up for Raw http://www.skysports.com/story/0,,12949,00.html.
  9. Oh, I must of forgot Tosh.O and Rediculousness as well.
  10. Never knew that. Probably because I'm not a NFL fan and don't take notice. It's a short season though right? So I guess games don't come too often.
  11. The regular season is only about 3 months long but games tend to be pretty frequent. The NFL is trying to break into the UK market it seems as there has been a few games at Wembley. So I guess that's why there are a good amount of games over here now.
  12. Yeah, there's also regular interviews with NFL stars/managers I think on Sky Sports. Definitely trying to expand to the UK. Not sure on how successful they'll be though.
  13. I only watch TNA, WWE & Law and Order: SVU.
  14. Not into the comedies then?
  15. Well, those are the only shows that I'll tune into. I watch some shows on Netflix like King of the Hill & American Dad.
  16. To be fair half of the time WWE and TNA can offer you all the comedy you need intentionally or otherwise.
  17. Pretty sure I'd rather watch Family Guy than Kane doing the Santino trombone. Actually... scrap that.

  18. Hockey, but TV wise umm, I like house, Sons of anarchy, Burn notice, it's always sunny in Philadelphia and more just cant think.
  19. Someone had to say "House". Get ready for Xanth to appear.