Favourite TNA Tag Team

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  1. Who is your favourite TNA Tag Team?

    Mine is Dirty Heels Austin Aries and Bobby Roode


    They have everything, Talent, Mic skills, Charisma and they work well as a team, Even though it was a short run it was a good one.
  2. Are we talking about current teams or favorite all time teams?

    My current favorite teams:
    Extraordinary Gentleman's Club

    Favorite all time teams:
    Motor City Machine Guns
    The Dirty Heels
  3. I assume Test's picture is pointing to that bottle of water and mop in the background, since they make one hell of a pairing. :otunga:

    Anywho, definitely the Motor City Machine Guns.
  4. Bad Influence, all day, every day.
  5. Bad Influence is great. Also Dirty Heels were great. From the past LAX, America's Most Wanted and Team Canada.
  6. Mine is Bad Influence.
  7. Bad Influence/Roode and Aries (haven't watched for long so).
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