Favourite year in WWE history

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  1. What are your guys favourite year in WWE history? not necessarily what was the best year in WWE history but which one you enjoyed the most

    For me it was 2003, The Roster was pretty amazing throughout the year, feuds were solid and nearly all the PPVs were great.
  2. 2000-2003 I'd say too. Those were some pretty epic years. Heel HHH, Lesnar, nice.
  3. Cant name one year but i would say 1999 - 2003.
  4. 1997, 1998 and 2000. But I'd pick 1998, tbh.
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  5. Probably 2000. Ironic considering my favorite wrestler (Austin) was gone most of the year, but I think in all the years I was watching, that was the most solid year. (Not for WCW, though, obviously.)
  6. Exactly the same reason I voted it. Austin is my favourite of all time, but the roster was fantastic in those years.
  7. September 4, 1995 – March 26, 2001 (Back when wrestling was incredible, and talent was phenominal).
  8. I'll say 2004. You had Benoit and Eddie's rises to the top, Eddie vs Angle, JBL coming in to his own, Orton was holding the IC title for the majority of the year and Cena held the US title under his rapper persona.

    @[RKO] It says year.
  9. Smartass... @[seabs]
  10. 1998. It's the inevitable year. Twists, turns, shocks... Nuff said.
    2001 was cool also.
  11. I agree with this the Attitude Era was really poor compared to this time good call seabs.
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