Favourites Pokemon

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  1. Don't know why I wanna ask about it .

    Mines are :
    Dragonite : GOAT .. Dragon . Incredible moveset A non legendary pok with the stats of a legendary one . Have him in all my pok files.
    Latias: Cute. All my frens had Latios I chose Latias . It's less mainstream LOL
    Gardevoir: Don't know why LOL hipnosis +Dream eater :fap:
  2. Pikachu: very funny.
    Squirtle: love small turtles

    And I don't remember much more I like but if I remember some I'll post them
  3. I've always loved Cyndaquil. The one and only video game I ever had was Pokemon Silver and he was my beginning pokemon. I love all of their evolved forms so I'll always have a soft spot for that one :lol1:

    I always thought Ninetails was really cool too.
  4. Charmander - [​IMG]

    Charmeleon - [​IMG]

    Charizard - [​IMG]

    Typhlosion - [​IMG]

    Treecko -[​IMG]

    Grovyle - [​IMG]

    Sceptile -[​IMG]

    I have way more, but some on the spot.
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  5. Where did you find that ? :cornette:
  6. Find what? :rock:
  7. Thos pokemon pics
  8. Google. :obama:
  9. Gonna train this pok . [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG] - Electrode

    [​IMG] - Tangela

    [​IMG] - Pineco

    [​IMG] - Seedot

    [​IMG] - Blaziken

    [​IMG] - Ninjask

    [​IMG] - Scrafty
  11. I don't like Pokemon.
  12. Lmao, there are so many spirtes of Pokemon online dude. If you look up the Pokemon wikia (Bulbapedia), they have sprites of every Pokemon from every version of the game. :dawg:

    Also, not many people are into the Eevee evolution as I am. Also, there's something about Milotic that I just like.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Bulbasaur all the mother f****** way!
  15. Starmie. The little pointy dude that f*cks all your guys sideways.
  16. [​IMG]

    Trubbish will forever be my bro.
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  17. mew is the best, and so cute.
  18. My favorite Pokémon are . . .

    Pikachu ~ Yeah, while I played several of the games, the only one I really played for an extended period of times was Pokémon Silver, and the others I played until the first gym leader until I got bored or in the case of Pokémon Yellow, screwed myself. Therefore, my knowledge of Pokémon and what immediately pops into my mind (excluding Smash games) is the anime. Particularly the first five or six seasons which may not sound impressive considering the shows got near twenty but I still sat through around two hundred episodes. With that stated, Pikachu being one of my favorite really can't be all that surprising.

    Mewtwo, Meowth, Charmander/Charizrd, Squirtle, Entei & Growlie/Growlithe's ~ Again most of these should be relatively obvious if you're familiar with the anime. I'll only bother to clarify for Entei, which is because the third movie was easily my favorite of the whole bunch (that I've seen, which is like the first four then two randomly from later in the series).

    Hypno ~ Entirely because of the creepypasta Hypno's Lullaby (which actually has some backing in the official games, as the video shows). . .

    Pidgey (and all evolution's), Cyndaquil (and all evolution's) and Totodile (and all evolution's except Croconaw) ~ This one is obviously because of the Pokémon Silver game and not the anime.
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