FCW 08.01.2012

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  1. Credit intended to the right people.
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    Non spoiler match card :

    Kenneth Cameron vs Nick Rogers
    Mike Dalton VS Sakamoto
    Aksana VS Cameron Lynn
    Dean Ambrose and Leakee VS FCW Champion Leo Kruger and FCW 15 Champion Damien Sandow
    Main Event in a Bullrope Match: Husky Harris VS Richie Steamboat


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    Kenneth Cameron vs Nick Rogers - Complete squash Cameron won via camel clutch.

    Mike Dalton VS Sakamoto - Dalton won via impaler DDT. Decent match nothing out standing but decent.

    Aksana VS Cameron Lynn - Just horrible nothing else to say. Why these two are in the WWE whilst Sara Del Rey is taking independent bookings I will never know. Aksana won via spinebuster.

    Dean Ambrose and Leakee VS FCW Champion Leo Kruger and FCW 15 Champion Damien Sandow - Leakee and Dean is a strange teaming as Leakee has been built as the next top babyface of FCW whilst Ambrose is the psychotic heel. However the dynamic kind of worked. Leakee won via check mate ( spinning bulldog.) on Kruger and a knee from Ambrose which took out Sandow. Pretty fun match over all. I presume Leakee will get a title shot soon afer pinning the champion.

    Main Event in a Bullrope Match: Husky Harris VS Richie Steamboat - Husky Harris carried this to a decent match. I've said it before and I'll say it again Ritchie needs to be a babyface he's too forced as a heel. Husky was impressive for me not sure if he should called back up to main roster yet but impressive never the less. Husky won via pinfall after hitting steamboat with the cowbell.

    The show picked up with the last two matches the Divas were well Divas and the opener was short over all a decent show for me definately worth a watch even if it's just the last two matches.
  2. I'm surprised Regal wasn't there, he tweeted something about it.
  3. Thanks for these, gonna' give them a watch in a bit.
  4. FCW? What is that?
  5. WWE's development promotion. It's were guys they've signed but don't want on Raw or Smackdown go. It's a pretty good show actually.
  6. Watch it @[RKO], you'll love Ambrose. Reminds me of heel Orton.
  7. Is it on TV? Post some of Ambroses matches.
  8. Only in Florida I think.

    A few promos also.

    He really shines on the mic for me. He's good in ring but he's a phenomenal speaker.
  9. Ambrose has good mic skills, and great hustle. He kind of sucks in ring though.
  10. Disagree, he's alright in the ring in my opinion.
  11. He got dominated by a 50 some year old Regal, and Regal sucks nowadays lol.
  12. That's not a reflection on talent c'mon that's the way it's booked lol. Plus regal is a phenomenal in ring worker IMO.
  13. Used to be.. Long ago. That stopped after KoTR wore off of him IMO.
  14. Wrestling ability hasn't gone away though.
  15. Not completely, but it has faded.
  16. He's got older it's bound to fade but he's similar to Finlay imo were he may not be as agile as he once was but he makes up for it with a more psychology based match.