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    See spoilers for results and my review of each match.
    FCW 15 Title: Damien Sandowvs Dean Ambrose
    Really good match. I'm not usually keen on heel vs heel matches however this one worked. Ambrose was really good as the psychotic heel expect him on the main roster shortly. Sandowvs won 3-0 after Ambrose got himself intentionally dq'd by bouncing Sandowvs head against the exposed turnbuckle twice. MOTN for me.

    FCW Divas Champion Audrey Marie vs Naomi
    Audrey Marie won the match was really poor and I'll advise you skip this one.

    Mr. Antonio Cesaro vs Leakee

    Cesaro got some good heat with the cheap win. It adds heat whilst protecting Leakee. The match was nicely end to end with each getting a good amount of offense. Hero needs to be signed soon to go with Cesaro.

    Main Event: Richie Steamboat Seth Rollins

    Big disappointment for me. Steamboat much like his dad just isn't a heel. Seth attempted to make it interesting but there was no spark really. Match ended as a no contest after Husky Harris attacked Richie after breaking into the building. They brawled after the FCW roster stopped the referees attempts to split them.

    Not a great show imo but it had two good matches. Any other opinions on this?
  2. I watch every Dean Ambrose match, the guy is a legend. Also watched Seth Rollins match. Great imo. They both need to hurry and debut in WWE.
  3. Apparently they are both going to be in the dark matches at upcoming events so hopefully.
  4. Yeah I heard the same thing, I hope Dean Ambrose is used as a sadistic sick heel. His promos have been fantastic. Did you see his match with CM Punk aswell?
  5. He had a match with punk? I think I missed it lol. How was it?
  6. Epic. I'll get the YouTube links for you :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Part 1 (No wrestling, just talking, promos, punk appears, etc)

    Part 2: Match Starts and ends (I think)

    Part 3 - Post match promo.

    All filmed from a guys phone, but it's good quality. Good match.
  7. Damn how did I miss that before? It was really good to see these two they had pretty good chemistry. The only issue with Dean Ambrose is his ring skill imo but he's shown there if given a really good opponent who can lead the match he can be decent.
  8. Yeah, he's definitely not as green as a Mason Ryan or Alex Riley, he can cope which is all that's needed in WWE now'adays. No worries, I nearly missed it until someone reminded me lol.