FCW 25-12-11 d/l and match spoilers

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    Non spoiler match list
    Mike DAlton vs. Peter Orlov w/Alexander Rusev
    FCW Tagteam Championship
    (C) Brad Maddox and Briley Pierce vs. Nick Rogers and Big E Langston
    Kenneth Cameron vs. Jiro
    Ivelisse Valez and Caylee Turner vs. Cameron Lynn and Kaitlyn
    Seth Rollins and Abraham Washington vs. Dean Ambrose and Antonio Cesaro

    Spoilers for results.
    Mike Dalton defeated Peter Orlov.
    Really bad match sloppy imo. The roll up finish was botched pretty badly imo.
    (C) Brad Maddox and Briley Pierce vs. Nick Rogers and Big E Langston
    Briley Pierce the brother of Dolph Ziggler seems pretty decent in the ring also pretty good match. Big E Langston is very poor however he's essentially another Zeke.
    Kenneth Cameron defeated Jiro.
    Cameron won with a really nice fisherman suplex. He carries himself really well in ring for me. Jiro missed a really pretty moonsault shame he got great heigh on it.
    Caylee Turner and Ivelisse Valez defeated Kaitlyn and Cameron Lynn.
    Short match and really dull tbh give this a skip.
    Abraham Washington and Seth Rollins defeated. Mr. Antonio Cesaro and Dean Ambrose
    2 great workers in Rollins and Cesaro in a match pretty good quality. Ambrose is starting to interest me much more in ring now. He looks a lot crisper. Abe Washington needs a bit more work but he's got a lot of charisma both in and out of the ring plus he's got a good look imo. Just needs a better name. Abe rolls up Cesaro after a kick from Rollins. Really the kick he got from ring side floor to the second rope it was essentially an enziguri. Really aesthetically pleasing to see plus Cesaro sold it really well.
  2. Credits too the Rudos crew for the video. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. Thanks for these. Everytime I watch these I just get more excited to see Ambrose and Rollins to depute.