FCW being shut down by WWE (Maybe not, now)

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Rysenberg, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. That's a shame for FCW, this new show will be WWE network I presume.
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    You look at the guys that came out of FCW, and it's hard to blame WWE for getting rid of it. They haven't accomplished jack outside of Sheamus and Barrett.

    But getting rid of it for the sake of WWE Network... Really?
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    I'm not sure if they are, just a presumtion.

    I agree that it hasn't achieved much, but seems a bit harsh on FCW, getting involved with them and then just ditchin the show.
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    It coudl be great. It states that many of them will be on the RAW/SmackDown roster. I wouldn't deem it an unsuccessful organisation though.
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    Why is the 'PPV & Events' section used for FCW closing down? Learn 2 section

    and it is a terrible organization, a complete & total failure. The only guys it 'produced' were already going to be successful without their useless stints in FCW ala ADR, Swagger, or Barrett. They developed literally no talent.

    It's lasting legacy will be giving guys retarded names, giving them a tan, and a generic move set. Burn in hell FCW! Burn in hell
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    Fair point.
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    Chris Hero's promo was put here last week so presumed this was the place to put FCW stuff.

    I should have researched. I never realised WWE basically created FCW in the first place - I thought it was an independant place that WWE linked with then closed after a couple of years. But if it's WWE's business then fair enough.

    If it means for a better quality product then, I agree, burn in hell FCW.
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    It says all other wwe programming in the description doesn't it ?
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    I'll kick your ass Seabs shut up
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    To quote Randy Savage "PIPEBOMB:pity:"
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    This might be of some interest to you...

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1112277-wwe-breaking-news-maybe-florida-championship-wrestling-is-not-being-shut-down (Actual sources in the article)
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    HHH might just revive real wrestling legends into the business. He fired a guy with little pro wrestling intelligence, excellant!
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    Absolutely love @[Anxiety]'s siggy..

    Ashame for FCW however.. Looks like OVW will be the highest wrestling rank before the WWE now.
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    Well that's good news.
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    Didn't they end the partnership with OVW years ago? In fact isn't OVW work with TNA now?
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  17. Hmm, too bad. Flawda was a real good place for developmental superstars.
    Really want to know what will happen with the new 'thingy'.
  18. Not too bad. This is the greatest thing that ever happened in the history of the universe. Hope it happens within the next year or so. Florida is full of homeless people anyway. You could get mugged on the way to training. All you will get in Stamford is dirty looks if you aren't a millionaire.
  19. Are you serious?
  20. lol no, but it's a fairly rich area. You'd have to stay in a surrounding town if you wanted to live close by without spending a lot.