Kayfabe Fear Is A Funny Thing

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  1. Ellis Kelin's music hits and smoke rises from the stage, he bursts through the smoke and gets down onto one knee and points to the sky, Nikki Klein accompanies him. They both make their way to to the ring, as the reach the ring Ellis opens up the ropes to allow Nikki through, he then proceeds to climb the turnbuckle and points to the air, he jumps down and grabs a mic.

    Nikki: Ladies and Gentlemen Ellis Klein!

    The crowd applause Ellis

    Ellis: Thank you, thank you. So then, this week I take on the 'pathetic one' Chris Young, you see, I know he fears me, I can tell, he's a coward and he knows it. Fear, it's a funny thing you see, it shows that someone is scared that they are afraid of someone or something, in this case Chris is afraid of myself, he knows he can't beat me. Every man has fear, it always is the guy that is to big headed to realise the truth, to realise that really he is not going to overcome his challenge and ultimately he will fail, miserably.

    Ellis passes the mic to Nikki

    Nikki: I think you forgot about the other two Youngs in the family Ellis. The two bitches of the crew.

    The crowd laugh

    Nikki: You see, my brother Ellis Klein will not only defeat Chris Young and end his career, he will also leave the two brats with scars on the inside, in their mind, that will leave them mentally damaged for as long as they shall live. One more thing....

    Chris Young's music hits

  2. *After a minute of Chris' theme playing and no response and boos filling the arena a new theme unknown to the crowd starts to play.*

    *Outcomes Lilith Young with a cocky smile on her face as the Klein siblings look on confused as to where is Chris Young is, Lilith walks down to the ring and is handed a microphone at the ringside and she enters the ring and gives a smirk to them.*

    Lilith: What? Expecting Chris, Well he's not here and I am so I'm sending the message on his behalf, Nice little speech and Well I would not know since I was too busy playing Pokemon GO, I caught an Ekans during your snore fest.
    Now back you and your plastic sister over there, Chris and the GM has agreed if you can even get a 2 count vs Chris you will get a match vs Chris with the belt on the line, I think you should be fighting for pounds since they are worthless now, Don't give me that look should have voted stay.
    Now Mr.Klein, I can't wait to see my man "The Amazing One" Chris Young beats you down and drive your skull into the mat and breaks that cute little cocky face of yours and make you his bitch!

    *Lilith, Takes a moment to stare at the annoyed Klein siblings and she cracks her neck and walks around the ring.*

    Lilith: You know, We have been the best and always will always be the best!
    So Kleins, When The Black Rose and The Amazing One run you down and send you to hell?

    *Lilith Rests on the ropes waiting for a response.*
  3. Ellis looks at Lilith with a grin on his face as if he did not listen to one single word

    Ellis: So I was right?Your "Man" is scared of me because I'm in the best shape of my life and I know I'm going to kick his sub-par ass back to the rat hole he came from.
    He got lucky If it was one on one like it is now I would be the champion and not Chris would be back to working for beans in some back alley like that dump your sister in law wrestles in.
    So yea I'm ready now run off to your boy toy and send the message that the dream is over.

    Ellis laughs as he waits for a response
  4. *Lilith Stares back and winks as if it's a signal.*

    Lilith: Heh sure you are....Maintenant!

    *As Lilith yells and out of nowhere Chris and Ashley Young run in from behind and hits both Kelins with kendo sticks and beat down both Kelins and to end the segment the Youngs stand over the two as the camera fades out.*