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  1. *As the pyro's and fireworks goes off to signal the start of Saturday Night Precison, the crowd cheers loudly. The commentators give a run down of tonight's matches, including a Fatal 4 Way contest to crown a brand new European Champion. The commentators start to speak about The Scat vs. Victor Sokolov, and the second Victor's name is said his music begins to play and the boos roll in.*

    *Just like last week, Victor doesn't appear after a minute or so, instead he appears on the titantron in the same room and setting as last week. He has a bag on the table as well as his trusty Tree Log, he begins to speak.*

    Victor: The Scat... he finally returns to the squared circle. Tonight... I will show him, what I've shown to everybody else that has dared to step in the ring with me... Pain. Night after Night, week after week... I have proven that I am a force to be reckoned with, I can't be stopped, no one will stop me.... none of you have the capability to stop me. Scat has no emotion, but after I'm done with him.... he will only feel one emotion every time he even sees me out the corner of his eye... Fear. You disappointed everyone last week, with your loss to Joseph Diamond, and sorry to break the bad news... but that disappointment will only continue. You are nothing.... just a man with no soul... no emotions.. and no brain.

    *The crowd boo loudly and start chanting "Scat! Scat! Scat!" Victor starts to laugh loudly, it echoes around the arena, for everyone to hear it. Some of the crowd are confused, while others are down right terrified.*

    Victor: Scat.. Scat... Scat... you people just don't understand what your beloved hero will go through tonight. Every week, fan favourites like Jack Rouge and especially Rhys Haze have fallen before me, layed down in defeat. Even people you might not like, such as Anthony Sharpe and Christopher Young, have also been treated to the pain that I give to every single person who manages to even dare fight me. The Scat is no different... *Victor opens the bag and pours its contents into his hand, charcoal.* This is your little hero... *He blows the charcoal out of his hand up in the air, as ashes begin to rain down on Victor.* And this is what he will be... after the Devil is done with him.

    *Victor laughs loudly once again, as he walks out the room and slams the door shut before the camera can even get out. The door opens again as Victor grabs the cameraman into view and whispers "Night night" to him before punching him in the face, knocking the camera down to the floor and then locking the door. The camera fades to black, as Precision continues.*


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