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  1. If someone were to offer you something (can be anything) to face your fear(s), how much would it take for you to do it?

    Be honest!

    I am not talking just money, but anything. Can be a car, a house, a dream job, anything!
  2. what fear? and how pretty is her mouth
  3. I see what you did there....

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  4. Meh, I'm not fearful of many things, but if someone paid me around $380,000 to run through one end of Siberia through the other, I'd consider it.
  5. a few days worth of meth and a hospital worth of equipment waiting for you - you'd be alright.
  6. :mog: you would freeze to death! lolol

    and for just over a quarter mill too. :dawg:
  7. Well, there's always a first time for everything, so why the fuck not? I'll take it.
  8. Hey, I think I could make it if I prepared myself for the brash winters.
  9. :pity:

    I love the cold and I wouldn't even dare go there. Get sniped by a polar bear or something. :lol1:
  10. I have a 10 something percent chance of lucking out, those are good odds :woo1:
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  11. Luck is for losers. :pity: #PunkBestInWorld #Pipebomb #SUMMERYOUALL #Gohan6425
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  12. For 10 million $ cash I would french kiss a clown (male or female) and I am terrified of clowns. Once done kissing I would run away flapping my arms and screaming like a little girl.. but I would do it.
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  13. I'd pee on a unsanitary toilet for a million dollars... and even sit on it. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  14. I'd hold a big ass tarantula for a million dollars
  15. I'd do that for less. Maybe 50 to 100k
  16. After almost dying from a spider bite hell no, a million or no go....unless they brought a few hundred thousand in a kickass steel briefcase
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  17. I got bit by a spider years ago. Had a golf ball size lump on my foot. I thought I was gna die. lol
    What bit you? A brown?
  18. Wolf Spider fd me up....leg blew up three times it's size, had a silver dollar sized bite and a fever. Couldn't move my leg without the bite bursting and bleeding
  19. :damn:

    That sounds painful. I can see why you wouldn't face your fear for less than a million.
  20. No money in the world would make me face a room full of Craneflies.
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