Feast or Fired: Did the Tag Team Briefcase Evaporate?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Wilby, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. So does anybody know what has happened to this briefcase?

    All I remember is that Gunner won the briefcase from EC3 sometime in February and since then it has seemed to evaporate in to thin air. Are we just expected to forget about it? Or will Gunner reprise the briefcase now that it appears his feud with Storm has concluded?

    I do hope that it will be used at some point in the future just because TNA has a habit of just forgetting about titles or storylines that they have established without explanation (Main-event Mafia 2013, TV title).

    Any thoughts or other information people?
  2. I was thinking this when I looked back at the show the other day. I am wondering what will happen to it, if anything. They will probably just ignore that it ever happened to be honest.

    Didn't Main Event Mafia break up when they were in that contest to have a match against AJ Styles for the title?
  3. Main-event Mafia 2013 was a disaster! They re-united them with the idea that they would take down the Aces and Eights. First Kurt Angle went to rehab which for me hurt them a lot because Kurt was a huge part of the old Mafia. Then Rampage just disappeared without explanation from TV to go and fight in Bellator, he is still yet to return or be mentioned by TNA. This left us with Magnus, Sting and Samoa Joe. With these three left we saw a gradual heel turn by Magnus as he rivalled with Sting and then defeated him at BFG 2013, this then lead to the AJ feud etc. MEM 2013 never really lived up to the hype and I'm not sure an 'official' break-up ever really happened, everything related to them just kind of faded.
  4. Well, honestly, I think they just brought this back to ignite the Gunner/Storm feud. I'm glad they tied most of the knots with Chavo being fired (always a plus) and Zema losing, but the tag briefcases are a good question. Who is the official holder anyway? Is it Storm or is it Gunner? I don't really remember, but they really should have at least had Gunner and Storm, while still a team, challenge for the belts and lose so they could wrap this up too, but indeed it seems to have gone the way of the TV title.
  5. Gunner won the match, but he gave the briefcase to Storm to hold onto it, so it should still be in Storm's possession. Suppose that means Storm will get the title shot. Makes no sense on paper but will on TV.

    We really don't know. They could just forget about it, they could have it back on TV here in an hour. Storm winning the tag titles could be really cool to let this story come full circle back to Gunner being the pissed-off dude who got screwed out of the briefcase, much like the reason Storm turned heel.

    But with Russo back in Creative it brings back old memories. In 2010, Russo completely forgot about the tag title briefcase and it disappeared from TV, before he had a flashback one day and was like "Oh, shit, Kevin Nash has a title shot!". Hilarious bit of history there.
  6. :lol1: I didn't know that. It does sound completely legit though.
  7. James Storm has it, but who knows if it will ever see the day light.
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