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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Adam, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. Couple of minutes in PS. Needs some fine tuning, see if you like the concept.

  2. That's actually really nice :O. We had one made but we should have users vote which is their favourite.
  3. Pretty cool logo man good job
  4. We could use both. This one would fit as a PPV logo whist the other could be for the TV show?
  5. Well I've been on PS all day, thought I'd come up with something.

    I like the concept, it's just I took about 30 seconds adding the effects lol. I could do one for stars of X and the next PPV.

    Along with some 'tale of the tape' sort of graphics.

    By no means am I an expert but always happy to help.
  6. Yeah if you could do Logos for the PPV that would be really great.
  7. I prefer this one as the day to day show one seabs, but the other one for PPV's perhaps.
  8. It could work either way tbh, I just liked the grunge feel we had going in the old one as a TV one. It was the kind of way I wanted the show to be, whilst the PPV's would be more organized.
  9. [​IMG]

    Eurgh, looks rank.

    And they're getting worse haha.

  10. Awesome, I really like this.
  11. Wow, they're really nice!
    Kudos man, thanks! :otunga:
  12. Haha, I won't be hurt if you choose not to use mine guys, just saying.
  13. It never hurts to have options for example yours could be of use at a hardcore PPV as it has that feel to it.
  14. I'll make another one later then.
  15. If you have time man. We'll have a poll to chose what should be used for various things eg shows and certain ppvs.
  16. Adam can you add like a crown on top of the globe? I was going to throw that suggestion out before.
  17. I tried it and it didn't look right to me. I'll post it up with a crown.
  18. I'm sorry, but I had to LOL at Thewindyfan's siggy.. T-Lo is a massive dork xD
  19. [​IMG]

    Just ends up looking bodged.
  20. well what if you had it like you did the first time except add some gold color to that crown and tilt it making it look like the crown is on top of the globe like a head.
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