Federal Reserve EXPLAINED

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by BatistaSRoids, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. Please watch. Very informative.
  2. LOL What?!

    "The American People."

    Edit: did anyone else get this PM'd to them?
  3. nice, under 9 minutes also. It is really pretty simple. It's a private bank that controls how paper is printed, as well as how much. They drive the currency up and down whenever they want, and loan the cash out with interest to the US.

    It's absolutely unbe-fucking-lievable that people are okay with keeping the fed.
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  4. All I see is teddy bears talking all mature like! G'awwwwww!!!!!
  5. we want gold standard **Clap clap clap clap clap**
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  6. The really funny part is the people who still believe that paper money means anything in the physical world.

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  7. Federal Reserve is nothing they do what i do every week or everyday that's print. They print out fancy paper and give it to banks that set a rate on the cash that drives the economy up and down. The economy is a natural thing actually. Print more paper than needed it angers the big bad economy and if you print just the right amount it's happy. Bull crap
  8. [puts on reading glasses and speaks in a snooty British accent]

    Actually, the U.S. economy is merely a psychological construct. 'Tis based entirely on the whims and moods of the great unwashed masses.

    [takes off reading glasses]


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  9. #illuminati

  10. #FreeMasonsRunTheWorld

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  11. #damnrightwedo

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  12. #dethIstheman

    Actual Response (open)
    You my puppets biotches!
  13. :booker:

    @Gray Fox , he's one of them! :park:
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  14. You forgot.

    "You're welcome."
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