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    This fan fiction is based on a game called booking revolution. Booking Revolution is a game created by Mdickie. So far ALL of these characters have been created Mdickie. Keep it Hardcore!

    *Whack Ax (World Champ)
    *Monica Marquez (Inter Champ)
    *Sgt Acer (Tag Champ)
    *Major Merc (Tag Champ)
    *Baby Bull
    *Geno White
    *Big Bob Orson
    *Mama Pearl
    *Whack Oz
    *Major Merc
    *Driver 88
    *Outlaw Eaton
    *Yap Massacre
    *Leon Locke
    *All Cobain
    *Edon Weezer
    *Flick Thug
    *Infinite Best
    *Chief Truro
    *Boston BluffY
    *Polka Paulo
    *Kamas Krismas
    *Heckle Horn
    *Adam Bradbury
    *Buddy Buchman
    * Wilder Murtha
    *Big Question
    *Miss Violin
    *Collin Zeal


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