Federation X.com exclusive, Cutlass explains himself

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  1. [size=x-small]We see the parking lot of the arena Warzone just aired in. Curt Cutlass is heading to his private car to head off to the next location when Stan Morris and a camera man catch up with him[/size]

    Stan Morris: Mr. Cutlass! A quick moment of your time?

    Cutlass: Very well, make it quick!

    Stan Morris: Well our fans online seems to question your decision to allow RA Kyro another chance to qualify to face you at No Limit, any comments?

    Cutlass: So the internet dweebs deem themselves fit to question my motives? Very well then.

    Cutlass: Listen up you nerds, my reasoning’s are my own but I guess I’ll share them with you basement dwellers. RA Kyro has deemed himself fit to challenge me, the upper class of professional wrestling for the most important title in pro wrestling today, my Royal Crown championship. Something he most definitely is not. I have faced much more talented and skilled opponents than him, Luis Boden, Super Spider, Ryo Akita, Jonathan Hernandez, Kyro isn’t fit to lace their boots even less to stand up to me. Obviously he is also too stupid to get his lesson the first time. So I thought I might as well play with him a bit.

    Cutlass: Kyro is the only one stupid enough to challenge me, by having him run my little game of cat and mouse I quite easily prevent him from really challenging me without breaking a sweat. Should he somehow manage to earn his shot he will be run so ragged that taking him out will be easy. So don’t question my motives. This is my game to play; you are all just pieces for me to move as I want. Now get out of here I got to get going!

    [size=x-small]Cutlass gets in his car and the car rolls away as the camera fades to black. [/size]
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