Federation X is hiring!

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  1. Due to some recent re-signings Federation X is down to two people (me and @[Sheldor] ). Thus we are looking to strengthen our writing staff and thus we are looking to you, our community.

    Sheldor and I can only do so much without Fed X taking up too much of our time and thus we need some help. We are looking for two more to add to our team.

    As a writer you have to write one segment per week. Not that much work since we have most of every characters moves listed and templated. Sheldor and I are also always on hand to help new writers so don't hesitate if you are new to it. Passion is the most important here.

    The work load is not that big as previously stated. We are looking for two people who want to see Fed X succeed and thrive.

    Basically you need to sacrifice one night per week to write a segment and be a part of something that brings much fun and joy to the community.

    Interested? Post here and then PM me or Sheldor and tell us.

  2. I can definitely help write a segment or two each week. Sheldor has kind of gotten a preview of my writing so far so hopefully I am good enough. :woo:
  3. I will help out
  4. if u need me
  5. I might be able to help out. Not as much as you want but I can try.
  6. Writing is what I do best. I'll take a look around this section to see if this interests me.
  7. I will volunteer my services during my thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, & summer vacation.
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