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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Arrow, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Since the tagging system is back, plus the PMing from other members, it is hard to keep track of the segments that you get from your booker, or segments that you pass on to your booker.

    I know that you can create your own folders and all, but my question is, can you make it to where any Fed X messages go directly into a certain folder based on a mail prefix per say? It would really make things a lot easier for the writers and bookers.

  2. I guess I could create private message filters, so users can filter messages with a certain phrase (or phrases) in the message or title and perform an action with them (forward them to another user, automatically reply, move them to a folder, etc).
    Then you could just add a filter for "Federation X,FederationX,FedX,Fed X" and enable it on messages and titles, and set it to automatically be moved into the selected folder.
  3. Yes, whenever you have extra time and could do this, it would be greatly appreciated, and would be a lot more organized too.

  4. Automated message: Suggestion has been accepted.
  5. Let us hope that is the case @[Zamorakian]
  6. I swear this is already possible? You can create your own folders, can you not select mail from specific users to go in there?
  7. What easier, that better.
  8. Created a folder but I can't see a why to move everything to it or get people to only send it to it.
  9. Don't think it'd have word filters though.
  10. Don't think it's the most needed feature in the world though. There is a search system in PM's.
  11. I'm thinking more about the general use of it. It would come in handy somewhere on a marketing site where some users get hundreds of PM's a day.
  12. True. Would be handy for big sites. But I think I probably receive the most PM's a day here and I can manage them quite easily.

    Also for segments and stuff Static, there's a User CP notepad you can use to keep on top of things.
  13. I liked calling you RKO @[Static]
  14. Ok, I see your point Crayo, but my next question would be.. Can you make it to where all tags go into a folder seperate from your main inbox? Maybe @[Xanth] or @[Anonymous] could add this?
  15. Xanth can't but Anonymous might be able to do it.
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