Federation X Quiz #1

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  1. For those fans of Stars Of X and those waiting for TNA No Surrender. Here are some questions:

    Reputation goes to the winner. PM your answers to me and I'll post here what percentage you got

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    Question 1:
    Who was the 1st ever Federation X Champion

    Super Spider

    Question 2:
    Which champion is the longest reigning champion in Federation X History?

    Bones Brothers (Almost 4 Months)

    Question 3:
    When was the 1st ever Warzone and who was drafted over to stop Curt Cutlass?
    April & Johnny Aftershock

    Question 4:
    Who did Super Spider defeat on the 1st ever Stars Of X show and how did he win?
    Ryo Akita. (Submission/Sleeper Hold)

    Question 5:
    How many times has Ryo Akita challenged for the Federation X Championship
    3 Times

    Question 6:
    Who has the most eliminations in the Extreme Rumble?
    Super Spider (5)

    Question 7:
    Which Federation X Superstar has held the Federation X Championship & the Royal Crown Championship?
    Curt Cutlass

    Question 8:
    Which commentator is a major Cutlass mark?
    Paul Taylor

    Question 9:
    Who created the character Phreak?
    Crayo (CrayFag has been posted for this also)

    Question 10:
    Who won the Federation X Championship at King Of The World
    Super Spider

    Question 11:
    Which tag team won the 1st ever PPV tag team match?
    Masked Machine & Hans Schleimer

    Question 12:
    Who created Curt Cutlass?

    Question 13:
    How long has Curt Cutlass held the Federation X Championship
    63 Days

    Question 14:
    Who aided Warzone to win the 6-Man Tag Team Championship match at Battle Lines
    The Sholi

    Question 15:
    Who wrote the Extreme Rumble Match?

    Question 16:
    Which commentator is a major fan of Joey Saturn
    Michael Donovan

    Question 17:
    Who faces Alex Kidd for the Internet Championship at Breakdown?
    Vinnie Rose

    Question 18:
    What language does the Masked Machine speak
    Spanish & English

    Question 19:
    How did Luis Boden win the Federation X Championship?

    Question 20:
    What happened to PuffPuffPass at Summer Bash
    Phreak smashed a glass sheet over him when he came out during the Extreme Rumble, Puff was not part of the match

    Question 21:
    Who was the 1st ever Warrior's champion
    The Sholi

    Question 22:
    Which two commentators are on Co-Branded PPVS?
    Paul Taylor & Josh Fordezski

    Question 23:
    Who created Luis Boden?

    Question 24:
    Who is the largest athlete in Federation X?
    Hans Schleimer

    Question 25:
    Which Federation X superstar has defeated Reverend Iscariot?
    James Fatal

    Question 26:
    Who is the greatest rival of Phreak?
    Luis Boden

    Question 27:
    Who was Curt Cutlass's official substitute
    Mad Dogg

    Question 28:
    Who is the GM of Stars Of X?
    Robert J Smith

    Members Score:
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    Stopspot - 91%
    Aids Johnson - 53%
    Seabs (IT Factor) - 75%
    Dat Kid From Jersey - 23%
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  8. Aids VS Apollo on stars where we get to write our own promos = gold.
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