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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Marc_NB, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. WWE '12 has the tools available to create Federation X in game.

    Now this is where the brilliant idea comes in to play.

    - Someone could create the logo and put it on community creations

    - Give me some ideas for an arena so I can create the Fed X arena and put it on community creations

    - Create and upload your Fed X character to the community creations, specify name so we can easily download. (Maybe I'll even go as far as downloading all the music you have chosen for your entrance and chuck it on :3

    - Please don't max all your attributes to 100...

    - Simply create the new brand in WWE universe with all these and have a wonderful day

    - Also create the PPV's!

    So what do you think of my idea?

  2. Hey this is a very good idea, however a lot of us have chosen finishers that are not available in game,

    If Federation X decided to have its own matches, we would not be able to make them,

    and finally federation X will be limited to a variety of promos and match-ups

  3. I suppose for the finishers the next best alternative would have to be used :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    This is more of an "If Fed X had a wrestling game" type of thing and wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with the actual story lines and angles, Just as a bit of fun :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Also, I believe this would take a lot longer to make, as the matches would need to be learned and performed well, I get what your trying to do, if the head booker decides then yes, I just don't see it really helping, rather prolonging the production
  5. Not sure how many people play it, won't help us too much to be honest. Matches and stuff taking place on wwe 12 would make the whole creation of shows bit so much longer.
  6. It's hard to explain. This is just something to do on WWE '12 where you create a roster and brand and just play it in WWE universe, letting that do all the story lines for you. Everyone will obviously get a different outcome and have different allies or rivals. Basically it's just replacing the brands. Then you can joke on and say "haha my CAW won *title* and yours got injured!"
  7. so this is not for federation X?
  8. No sir. Wont have anything to do with it except the wrestlers, arena and logo.
  9. erm, ok, so this is just something you wanna make, won't really be Federation X
  10. Oh I see, could be cool. I don't play it but there's probably quite a few here that do.
  11. Yes sir. But like I say I can upload the stuff for others to download and enjoy!
  12. WWE 12 online is shit. I'm not giving THQ any more of my money because it's taken them 4+ months to not fix a game.

    Also, this has nothing to do with Federation X, I request a move!
  13. THQ are poor with the WWE games, they have been for years. Makes no sense, Saintors Row 3 is amazing and THQ made that right?
  14. Different studious, unfortauntely. Same with UFC 3. Amazing game, good-ish servers.

    UFC can make a game with like over 100 fighters all customised entrances/move set (ish) and extremely detailed with better graphics than WWE 12 which has about 40 wrestlers.

    Nothing makes sense. What does make sense, though, is that I will not be buying another WWE 12 game until 4 months after release and have some good reviews.
  15. I'll be honest this is hard work and I've bitten off more than I can chew. At the moment I have the arena (it's blue...) and I have a temp logo and I have made it so it's an actual brand in universe (in place of RAW)
  16. Ok, good luck with it
  17. Yeah that's pretty innovative but that wouldn't work out though. If you really want though you could create the characters and play some matches from our shows?
  18. Yeah, after they have been posted you could recreate the matches, with the characters, I would be willing to do a voice over for the commentator's if you wish
  19. Yeah you could do that but the thing about WWE 12 is that in those games you never have those challenge matches even on legend.
  20. I think you would need based on the set list, click here to see

    You would need two people to handle the three match ups.
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