Federer AND Nadal out...

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. They were both in Murray's side of the draw. It was said to be the toughest half in Wimbledon history, and now Murray doesn't have to worry about two of the greatest ever. Are we set for a Djokovic/Murray final then?
  2. I'd like to see it but I'm shocked. Federer out! The king of Wimbledon is out!
  3. This has just made Murray's chance of winning even greater. Murray beat Djokovic to win the US Open last year, didn't he? Or was it Federer?
  4. He beat Djokovic yeah. Was an epic match.

    Those two play so well against each other. Most are 5 setters; think Djokovic won the most recent encounter thuogh. Not sure. Grass is a whole different ball game though than hard court.
  5. Sure it was tough, but didn't Nadal lose to some scrub? Tough luck for imo the best tennis player in the world.
  6. Shocked. Don't know where this leaves who, but it's certainly more interesting now that all these overpushed unintentional heels are out of the way
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  8. Surely you should be saying "WHYY NADAL WHYYYYYYYYYYY" - you know, him being spanish and all... :urm:
  9. Nah, I cheer for Nadal but Federer is the GOAT. Federer got swag. Nadal might have strenght and so on but Federer is .....I get orgarsms when I watch him haha
    My top 3 buddies would be 1)Federer 2)Ferrer and then Nadal
  10. Country alignment is more non-existent (or flexible) in Tennis. Quite often you prefer a player over your home nation player. I don't support Murray and Nadal because one is British and one is Spanish, that's just a coincidence. Murray for his determination and returns, Nadal for his semi-western grip forehand and his original style.
  11. I still just need some sort of racist allegation about Murray to come out before I can really get behind him. When he made the 'anyone but England' remark I thought he was gonna become a great heel, but besides the dull personality, he's still leaning towards face. I literally want him to be so racist that he gets booed at Wimbledon. Sadly, atm he's just kind of floating around just burying guys for no reason - similar to Orton and Sheamus.

    As for Wimbledon, shame we're missing out on potential Federer/Nadal and Tsonga/Murray quarter finals, but this is good news for Murray and people who like underdogs.
  12. murrey will somehow mess it up
  13. To be fair he had an injury which severely limited his mobility at times.

    Apparently 8 players have already pulled out of Wimbledon due to injury...
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  14. With all the withdrawals I've lost all excitement for Wimbledon this year.
  15. That's our plan to get a British winner, injure everyone else.
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