Feel Good Stories (Goldberg/Eddie Guerrero/ Rey Mysterio / Kurt Angle

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  1. (This post is inspired slightly by the "cm punk heart of gold topic)

    I've been to numerous wrestling gigs over the years (I'm on the verge of becoming twenty-six) and it helped that I was born and raised in the beautiful town of San Diego (a natural hot-spot for wrestling shows).. In such, my friends and I frequented every show that came to our area.. Highlights include
    : vengeance 2001 where Jericho shocked the world (myself included, but it was great direction by the wwf/e brand) and become the first ever "undisputed champion"..

    I also attended a lot of house shows, which I found to be incredibly fun, and made the superstars seem much more approachable. My friends and I would arrive at the arena hours before the show (by hours I mean, like as the sun was coming up) there was a local crispy creme donuts in the parking lot that gave away free donuts the morning of the show! Us, being the nerds that we were always wanted to be there extremely early knowing that the big stars arrived early to beat the crowds.. Throughout the years I met quite a few wrestlers this way, and at our local in and out eatery ( Lita, Eric Bischoff, Edge, Batista, Hurricane, Victoria, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, Nidia, Rico, etc..)

    Goldberg -On the eve of a raw show, Goldberg entered the parking lot.. I'm not over stating that there was close to 300 people here by that time.. Bill exited his car to the cheers and wants of the fans to come over and take photos and sign autographs.. To my surprise he did just that. Goldberg was mobbed but kept his cool, and was very approachable signing for kids first.. As the crowd grew larger and larger, he went to the locker room but assured everyone he'd come back.. Usually the exit strategy for wrestlers... But yet again.. Goldberg came back.. And made sure each and every person got a picture or an autograph of some sort.. Just a class act.

    Eddie Guerrero - I believe this event took place at a house show back in 2003.. In a sense the majority of shows all run together for me, as I've been lucky enough to attend quite a few.. Eddie was a heel at this time, and as is the case couldn't break character.. He came to the ring in a cocky nature, but in doing so, he stopped right beside me in the front row (not for me) but for a handicapped child in a wheelchair.. Eddie in stride came back to the kid, gave him a hug and reassuringly messed up his hair in a joking manner.. That has always stuck with me.. Just awesome.

    If you guys would like to hear some more stories, let me know! thanks!
  2. Epic read! Another like for you sir. Really like hearing stories like this no matter how envious I am at the original poster for meeting these stars in person :smile:.

    Edide & Goldberg, I've heard so many good things about them over the years.
  3. Crayo, thank you so much for the kind words I really appreciate it!

    Goldberg and Eddie, were just class. Their actions will always stick with me. Selfless.

    Rey Mysterio - Back in 2003 (On the verge of graduating high school!) my friend George's father owned a night club on the outskirts of San Diego. A local hot spot for drinks and dancing and all that jazz. My pal's father knew I was a big fan of all things wrestling and that night he hit me with "Jacob.. Tonight we're having a shindig celebrating athletes from San Diego".. At first it didn't resonate with me.. I thought "humm.. well, it'd be cool to meet some football players or the likes, why not?".. He then said " Rey Mysterio is going to be there.." Yup. I was sold! All I had to do in exchange was do some dishes.. Cake. So as the night wore on, I was becoming nervous.. The thought of meeting one of my all time favorite wrestlers, was simply astonishing. Suddenly my friend comes to me, and says "Dude! He's here! I'm going bring him by".. Moments later, Rey comes up to me and introduces himself.. I'm thinking "No intro needed you're the giant killer!".. Long story short I actually got to hang out with him, talk about the business and so forth.. We took some pictures (konnan was there too) and he asked me to go outside with him while he smoked.. One of the coolest nights of my life.. As the night concluded he drank a little and invited the whole club to his house for an after-party... I was walking out like I was going to go... But my friends father reminded me, I had responsibilities.. The dishes haha.. How could I argue!
  4. Another great read! You're so lucky, never knew Rey is a smoker. I so would of went to his house-party, dished the dishes (pun intended) and took the punishment later on lmao.
  5. To be honest, I considered it! But I was lucky enough to fly under the radar in being let into the club at seventeen you know? I didn't want to take my friend's father's kindness for granted.. But I did think about it! Funny thing is.. I ran into Rey and his son Dominick a few years later at our local water park "white water canyon".. My friend Cesar and I were getting food, when he said "Dude.. That's Rey Mysterio".. I thought he was just messing with me, but then I caught his spine tattoo.. I went up to Rey (startling him in the process / he dropped his black and mild) and we got to talking.. I wanted to get a photo so we stopped at the shop inside the park.. But a disposable was 15 bucks! So, needless to say it was too rich for my blood at that day and age. But Rey, is the most approachable down to earth wrestler, I have ever met. Amazing. Next I'll post my Angle story!
  6. Loving reading these bro! Just gold these stories really appreciate you typing them up for our enjoyment!

  7. I love my fans very much. Fans are so much more than people watching to be entertained or an audience. They're people that look up to me, people who think I'm important, people who would do anything for us.

    I like interacting with my fans. They deserve it.
  8. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/684/80433036.jpg/

    (link to photo of me, my friend cesar and kurt)

    Thanks, for making me feel welcomed everyone! I'm enjoying having these reminiscent memories!

    Kurt Angle - I've always been a rabid fan of Kurt's. The guy is amazing in all avenues of wrestling. With a broken freakin' neck! My pal Cesar and I were at the taboo tuesday press conference in San Diego back in 2005, where the main event was a triple threat match between john cena, kurt angle, and hbk.. As the conference is progressing Angle finally comes up to the podium. My best friend is Angle to the bone.. As they are fielding questions, we are given the microphone and allowed to ask a question.. We both get on the mic like nerds and say " hello.. hello...' anyhow I pass it to my friend as he wants to talk to angle, just mad excitement in his voice... He states " Kurt you're the best.. I just wanna say you're amazing, and I want to know if I can get a picture with you?!".. Kurt (staying in character) responds.. " Enough with this love crap!".. haha my friend was floored! But you know he was on camera and had to stay heel..

    After the conference concluded.. The coolest thing.. Kurt called us over, and took the picture above with us!! What an awesome guy!
  9. What an absolute legend! I'd be completely embarrassed if a heel replied to me like that :hehe:.
  10. That's brilliant haha!

    Like the pic too sounds a top guy you've done well seem to have met a few genuinely nice ppl from the world of wrestling!
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