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  1. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
    ― Eleanor Roosevelt

    I want you all to share your thoughts on this topic. I think we have become an over-sensitive culture that is teaching people that anything that hurts your feelings has to be due to race, sex, or income status. Last time I checked, we are all responsible for our own feelings and they cannot be hurt by anyone without our own consent. When you blame someone for hurting your feelings, you are saying they have direct control over how you view the world. You are allowing them to dictate how that very moment will change and how your actions will be directed afterwards. By blaming other people, we are basically trapping ourselves. We are not allowing change or new growth to take place. We are teaching each other that "feelings" are more valuable than the mind itself.

    No one can hurt you does not mean that when someone says or does something that is hurtful, you will not feel pain. It simply means that you have accepted that your responsibility in the matter is to choose to feel pain or not to feel pain.

    "There is no greater trump card in today’s society than “You hurt my feelings.” It’s the phrase announcing that you have crossed the line. I am the victim; you are the perpetrator."

    This is a topic that is right on both regards. If someone tells you "I hate you." and you respond with "YOU hurt MY feelings", you are right to feel this because hate is a powerful thing that does hurt. It is natural to feel hurt by actions as words of others but it is always YOUR choice to feel hurt, not someone else's. Saying "What you just said makes me feel hurt" is the correct approach. You show that person they were hurtful but you are also accepting responsibility for your own feelings.

    Thoughts on all of this?
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  2. You can't hurt my feelings, because I don't have any. :Trips3:
  3. :sojew:
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  4. Neptune vs Tarti gonna be FOTY or what
  5. Why are they feuding? lol
  6. More like I am getting jumped. lol
  7. Let me know when you find out cause I have no idea. lol
  8. You hurt my feelings. :sad2:
  9. :boohoo:
  10. reTarti spams dislikes when his feelings get hurt. lel :bray:
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  11. I predict that by 2020, all the science will be based on feelings instead of, you know, FACTS.

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