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  1. I haven't seen any talk about Sheamus returning. I think the time away was good for him as far as freshening him up. I liked the promo package.... it focused on his bad-assness and how he LOIKS TO FOIGHT!!!

    I've always liked Sheamus. He has incredible stamina in the ring for a guy his size. He can hang with the best of them and he hits like a Mack truck. I've always wanted to see him wrestle Lesnar. I just think they can both take a lot of offense and dish it out.

    Any thoughts good/bad/indifferent on The Celtic Warrior?
  2. They've been airing a vignette about him returning soon, my guess would be he'll return at Fast Lane.

    - Sheamus always delivers in the ring, I haven't been too much of a fan of his lately, character-wise... So, I hope he returns as a heel.
  3. Yeah that's the promo package/vignette I was talking about. You know what I mean. Heel or face is cool with me, but he should certainly be prepared to evolve as a performer if he wants to remain a top star.
  4. Hated him a lot when they were trying to push him as the possible successor to Cena's throne as face of the company since he wasn't interesting enough to me to be in that kind of position, but as a midcarder/upper-midcarder, I like him. I like his hard-hitting brawling style and he can help produce a lot of great matches with the right opponent. I wouldn't minded a match with Lesnar at some point either. Feels like they could have fed Sheamus to Brock at some point in the last few years, but oh well.
  5. [​IMG]

    Fuck Sheamus. He should be a jobber to the stars, and leave it at that.
  6. I for one am pumped for his return, hopefully he can stay healthy this time around.. I would assume he'll be back either at Fast Lane or on the RAW following that.
  7. I like Sheamus a lot. The hate he gets reminds me of the Orton hate. Sheamus was booked poorly throughout his career, the pinnacle of that being him being trapped in a vortex of ADR matches. The matches weren't bad, but repetitive and just not that interesting. Orton feuded with Christian and was meant to out him over as champion, nothing long term, but they didn't go down that route. He instead took the belt from him right away and Christian had to beg for rematches.
  8. Sheamus. He's like that girl I have aways shunned, but only because deep down I was in love.
    Sorry for the harsh words , fella, please come back. I'm also on the heel bandwagon, so if you could please kick daniel bryan's ass on less then 8 secs, that would be cool.}

    -Love, BJ
  9. /\ previously posted on the wrong and most unrelated possible thread cuz i'm a dumbass
  10. makes so much more sense now lol.

    I like him, heel all the way though!
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  11. I'm a huge fan of the wrestler, not so much of the character he was given leading up to his injury. As a heel, he can do a lot of things; as a face, he is a caricature of all things Irish (at least so far as most Americans are concerned).

    I hope with his return, as a heel or as a face, he has a more serious, badass character.

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  12. He's a very good hand, a bit stale/uninteresting before leaving but that's something most of the midcard suffers from anyway. Can't complain about this
  13. He really should be facing bnb as a rival
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  14. I might've mentioned it before, but I'll gladly do it again. Please, come back as a heel, fella.
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