Fellow Ziggler marks: you reading spoilers tonight?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. I'm on the fence. It feels weird to suddenly care about SD... I'm thinking I'll just wait until Friday to watch on Youtube.. maybe we can get a Ziggler fanboy club to watch together on Synctube sometime Friday

    I'll probably wind up reading spoilers anyway because I'm such a giddy mark
  2. I feels ya bro.

    Now that it happened, you want to get in on every single bit. I get that..

    Fanboy club sounds damn good.

    Should be good with Zigs as the man of SD.
  3. I liked Ziggler finally cashing in and wining the title, ADR reign is dead :otunga: hope ADR doesn't get the title back in the rematch
  4. No I'm not. Just in case in happens the same as with the miz lmao

    I'll watch SD without spoilers. Wanna enjoy it as a mark
  5. Yeah I am. Fuck actually watching a potentially typical bad SmackDown for one potentially good segment.
  6. I'm actually nervous they're gonna drop a Christian on us so yeah I'm gonna read the spoilers.
  7. He said marks not chief haters.
  8. SCSA could have won the title and I'd still read the spoilers....
  9. Well, I regularly watch SD (yeah) and don't read spoilers so no, but will watch him.
  10. Could you imagine if they did that :nogusta:
  11. I can :cornette: I'm legit scared /10
  12. why are you bringing me down man :damnn:
  13. Going to read it. I'll watch it as well though.
  14. Dolph's is optimistic currently about the E, someone has to bring this place back to earth.
  15. let them enjoy it a little bit :neymar2:
  16. I've watched smackdown religiously because him and bryan are constantly on it. Will continue to
  17. I wouldn't go nearly that far. I'm just waiting for them to start fucking up again.
  18. Yeah. Smackdown is fucking lame more often than not, cba watching it. Plus it's not like Ziggler will be in every segment or anything. He'll probably have an opening segment/promo and a match. Will watch on Yout00b.
  19. Synchtube has closed down?
  20. :youdontsay:
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