Female Wrestling fans

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. Have you ever met any, do they exist?. The only ones I have met live up to the stereotype, dress like Jeff Hardy and are partially to a cheese burger, nothing wrong with that mind.

    SO whats the crack, any experiences with them lads
  2. So you're saying all female wrestling fans are fat?
  3. Did you ever look in the crowds at shows? I don't think you have.
  4. I didn't know there was a stereotype towards women wrestling fans that involves calling them over weight.

    To answer your question of course their are women that watch WWE. Do you really think having those men oiled up and in those tight wrestling trunks is just to show how macho they are? Sex Sells. Some ladies tune in to perv. some ladies tune in just for the pure art of it all. Just like some men tune in to perv, some tune in for the fine art of it. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  5. This thread is asking for flaming/trolling.
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  6. Pretty sure there are women on this forum that don't fit the above criteria. Also my gf is a wrestling fan and ain't in that category either.
  7. not at all lad.

    just saying the ones I have met live up to the stereotype, for example this came up on a forum I was on

  8. You're trying too hard to be a troll eh?
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  9. could we stop this now please, just want a debate that is all, and just curious
  10. Put it this way buddy-roo. My lady friend and I are quite avid WWE fans. A tid-bit of info about her on a NKB: she has been in various womens' fitness competitions as well as this upcoming Spartan Race in March. She is very active and very fit. Do not think for a second that all WWE fans are lanky, weak, obese, lazy and sorry soft-dick sons' of bitches. The only stereotype you are speaking of is from someone whom obviously hasn't attended an actual WWE event. amirite?
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  11. Not really, you're the one making a post using stereotypes to criticize the female fanbase of wrestling. That's generic trolling to me.
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  12. I'm a female wrestling fan so I certainly hope I exist.
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  13. not since 2010
  14. Most female fans I have met have been feminists.

    I do not get feminists what are they all about?
  15. *waves* Hi there, big female wrestling fan here. Not taking a single thing you say personally, just gonna sit back and let you bury yourself. Adios!
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  16. not having a go at female wrestlig fans, its nice to know there are ones out there who are not like the ones I have met
  17. Ur not female?
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  18. I thought you meant "fans of female wrestling". Only read part of the OP before running to vomit.
    Yeah, there's plenty of chick wrestling fans around here, most of which are as cool if not cooler than the guys.
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  19. Not me btw I was just mind blown at you possibly changing gender on us all.
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  20. No harm buddy! Thanks for making me clarify that one. :phew:
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