Feminism - whats it all about

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. alright lads, run this one through your grey matter

    i was down the boozer the other night and commented that a lot of women iron shirts. i was told that feminists would not like me saying that. whats that all about, its bloody true

    i dont get this femnist movement at all. like i have said before, a boe should be a bloke, and a women should be a women
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  2. 6 inches, but girthy. Strange question to be asking on a wrestling forum lad.
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  3. Same shit, different thread
  4. I'm actually tempted to answer this one seriously.

    But, I won't.

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  5. Lesbians who don't shave where they should.
  6. Did somebody say "lesbians".....:gusta:

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  7. Damn, almost forgot about Laura. Good job summoning her (hopefully). Can't wait for her to bury this thread.
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  8. Androcentrism>
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  9. Feminism is a complete joke and shouldn't be regarded as anything by anyone. Fuck feminism, fuck it's purpose.
  10. Women need to be in the kitchen by law. Only can exit to do laundry or to go to another kitchen. There should be a special fund to even go as far as make a bed in there and give them TV.
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  11. finallt we agree lad
  12. Whoa there!

    She needs to be able to get into the bedroom so she can take care of her other duties........

    This isn't Vietnam! There are rules!

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  13. I started to type a response to this and then decided it wasn't worth it.
  14. Kitchen sex bro. Fucking her while she's baking that cake=best. sex. ever.
  15. Speak of the devil, she shall appear.

    To answer the OP, feminism is so lesbians can nag men too.

    Fuck off, pig.
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  16. Expected a long ass entertaining post :downer:
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  17. I'm only logged in for a minute. Just browsing quickly, but things seem a little slow around here.
  18. Damn. Looks like I'll actually have to Google stuff then.
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