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Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Neptune, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. ( Yes, I tagged Feminism as a religion because I swear it is like a cult or something)

    Let me start by saying I am all for women having equal rights, working, getting paid equally, being able to do "most" jobs men do (I still feel some are better suited for only men for logical reasons), and being able to decide if they want to be a stay at home mom or be a working mother.

    BUT what I feel about feminism, well, it is utter garbage. These women try to empower each other by bashing men, acting like the "typical male", playing alpha, ect. ect. and to me they are basically straight lesbians. I am not saying that to be offensive to lesbians either, just stating that they dislike men that much.

    Maybe I am wrong here for feeling this way but I can't see one logical "good" thing feminists have done for each other. They play the victim while stating they are not victims. To me, it is ruining a lot of women who were once capable of good heterosexual relationships with men. If we are all "equal" and they want us to all be equal, then why downplay and bash the opposite sex to get what you want?

    What are your views on feminism?
  2. Instead of buying into all this 'feminists are evil' or 'feminist... More like feminazi' BS, do some research, talk to feminists.

    Feminism got women the right to vote, the right to own property and to make spousal rape an offence amongst many other things.
    Whilst there are assholes that parade under the feminism banner, there are plenty more that are good people and want equality for everyone- not to take men's rights away.
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  3. Too bad voting didn't and doesn't mean anything in the US.
  4. This is the 2nd thread I have seen by you today OP and you are coming across naive and foolish, impossible to talk about feminism seriously with a avatar like yours.
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  5. Did you just stop reading after the word vote?
  6. Don't get me wrong, I agree with what you said. I've researched a substantial amount of feminist ideals to recognize a bat shit crazy from a smart and educated feminist; along, with their long list of accomplishments. But I had to make it clear that even though what they did to expand universal suffrage was admirable, their effort basically went into vain. Since, votes have no real impact on the presidential landscape, here in the US.
  7. This isn't just about the US though, or whether voting is or isn't a waste of time.

    And Neptune, are you aware of all the anti-feminist/men's right activists? Who threaten and harass women just because they want equality and blame all their problems on women.
  8. Feminism claims oppression in the US yet women in the US are the freest in the world. Feminism was once a rights movement that has since turned into a crap fest of women who throw statistics at everyone claiming that women have no rights and are still oppressed. You want to see oppression? Go over to another country where women are actually forced into marriages, told to kill their own babies because of it being a wrong gender, where women have to fight to earn a single cent and are forbidden to believe in anything other than what they husband demands. Feminism outside of the US may have merit but here, it is a load of bs. These women don't even know what oppression is.

    I am not sure where you are from but the average American feminist is not only blind to her own freedoms, but lacks the capability of standing on her own statements without the need to bash the opposite gender.
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  9. Have you been reading the slut hate forums or something? This is typical anti-feminist garbage that you're coming out with.

    I'm well aware of the problems that women all over the world are facing, as are many American and non-American feminists. I certainly don't need a guy to explain women's issues to me.

    Women from different cultures have different problems, it's common sense. But to say that western women have no problems whatsoever is a blatant lie.
  10. When and where did I state I was a guy?
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  11. I'd hate to think a woman would be so ignorant to a movement that has improved the lives of women (to an extent) I'm aware that there are women that feel like that, but still...
  12. Claiming a woman is ignorant for having her own beliefs? Does this not contradict feminism?
  13. Dismissing an entire movement of women as men hating straight lesbians IS ignorant. It shows the lack of insight into the movement.
    If you could have actually made a good argument against feminism then I'd be resptable towards you and your opinion, but you didn't. You went the usual anti-feminism route of claiming all feminists hate men.

    Regardless of your gender, if you have female relatives, let me ask you this: Would you be okay for them to objectified and disrespected by aggressive males who think they're entitled to treat that relative in whatever way they felt was deserves? Would you be okay with your female relative not getting that promotion they wanted at work because the boss figured they'd only go get pregnant anyway? Would you be okay if your female relative was not only raped, but then blamed for it?
    Would you e okay if your female relative was harassed and verbally abused because she wouldn't send a guy nudes?
    Those questions are only some of the issues that western women face. You did raise the issues that women in other countries face and they are serious, nobody is denying that- but does that make it okay for western women to get shitty treatment just because it isn't as bad?
  14. When was the last time you heard of a woman being raped and being blamed for it standing up in the court of law? I get you are pointing out the whole "it is her fault for dressing this way" but again, that brings up another point you made. A lot of struggles women face in America are due to the way they act and dress. Would a male aggressively go after a woman who dressed modestly? It is very unlikely. Most men who would do so already have problems, not just with women. I am not saying it is "okay" but women wearing next to nothing walking around KNOWING men are visual creatures, what do they expect?

    Also treating someone, regardless of gender, what a said person feels they deserve is a problem among BOTH sexes, not just women. Plenty of women will dismiss men for the same reasons women get dismissed. I hear more about women who are not attractive or thin enough not getting a promotion over no women at all. This will go down to a point of something I always say, women allow themselves to be objectified. Now before you get upset, hear me out. Objectification is something a lot of women have done for years and it will not stop. Who empowers this more than women? There is no man holding a woman at gun point telling her to dress like a slut for TV commercials. There is no man pinning a woman up against her will saying "act like this or you wont get a promotion.". Yes, women do get objectified but it is because they allow it. Not all of them, but enough of them do to the point where it effects all women. This leaks into the whole promotions thing. Women get raises and advance every day, it is the ones who are not considered the normal standard of beauty who struggle. We can look at the model industry from there where women are basically used as objects to sell items. When was the last time you heard a woman saying she was forced to be a model? Also, men don't run the model industry, women and gay men do.

    And in case at some point I rambled or made no sense, my point is that not all, but a GOOD portion of women's problems in America today are not do to gender issues or men forcing old world life style choices on women, it is the women who allow themselves to be objects in order to further themselves in life. What is not fair is that because of these women, ALL women are expected to do certain things. It is their faults, not men and not gender roles.

    Also to the nudes comment. There is plenty of free porn online, which again, WOMEN allow. Instead of screaming for equal rights and going after men (which you clearly used above after saying it wasn't just about men), why not look at the real problem? The women who allow women to be objectified and continue to do so. You want change? preach to the girls who are growing up as hookers learning sex sells at a young age. Speak to the women who feel they NEED to act a certain way to get male attention so they can be someone in the world. Protest against a good portion of Hollywood for using sex and women as a means to sell products to not just men, but other WOMEN. Everything done in the media is not just geared at men, it is geared at women as well.
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  15. I think you're confusing feminists with people like the group FEMEN. There are definitely crazy feminists (usually can be found on tumblr), but there is still a need for feminism. The wage gap does exist, and in other places in the world women still virtually have no rights. And, rape is still a major issue. Regardless of what someone is wearing, they can't be blamed for being raped. It's just stupid
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  16. Well done for only targeting the points of my argument that you can attempt to blame on women and completely ignoring the parts you can't turn around and blame women for.

    I'd like to think you'll learn from this debate, but at this point I doubt it. And I'm not going to carry on reading such uneducated garbage, there's enough of this coming from the MRA's as it is.
  17. Whatever you say sunshine. Just because someone doesn't believe what you do or shares the same moral values doesn't make them uneducated.
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  19. I am done for now, enjoy. lol
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  20. Britta?