Ferguson allowing Berbatov to leave for 5 mil

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Discus. Where could he go?

    Is this stupid by United or a smart move that will work best for both parties?
  2. Smart, he isn't a UTD player he doesn't fit in. A horrible buy.
  4. Berbs is a stud, just not right for the situation. I think he should go to Italy, maybe Juventus? They could use a class striker
  5. AC Milan were rumoured to get him, he'd fit in well there imo. Zlatan done well and they're literally identical players. Replace Zlatan with an even lazier forward in Berba and voila.
  6. I hate Milan :sad: . Where is Zlatan going?
  7. PSG, the french version of Man City. They bought Thiago Silva, Zlatan (soon) and Lavezzi.
  8. Interesting. I've heard of PSG obviously but don't follow french football at all.. are they in the Champion's league again next season? They might make some noise with those buys.
  9. Yeah they are IIRC. They will get to the knockouts I suppose which is more than normal but I don't see them getting further yet. In a season or two they'll be strong contenders for it.
  10. He should of got more of a chance at UTD in my opinion. He was a decent player. Right choice for him and SAF for him to go though since he wont be playing.
  11. He was grossly bad in the style we play. We play fast counter attacking football using the wings neat intricate football. Berbatov is slow, lazy, doesn't close down and flops in big games. My opinion anyway.
  12. I agree he is slow and normally takes him ages to get into a match, same with Anderson IMO. He is still a good player though, just not for our play.
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