Ferguson, Missouri.. Riot Central

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. So yesterday was the announcement of the outcome of the indictment trial for Officer Darren Wilson who was being tried for the unjust shooting of Michael Brown a few months back, near the beginning of August.. Earlier in the morning they were saying the announcement would be made at 5 PM however.. that was not the case; the outcome didn't come til about 4 hours after that.. The reason being was that Officer Wilson would not be indicted on any charges in the case. I'd imagine that when the outcome was decided initially the city/state knew things wouldn't go down smoothly with a lot of the community so they waited a few hours until they could get the National Guard and SWAT teams and other Policing staff ready to deal with some pretty heavy riots.. sure enough VERY shortly after the outcome was announced publicly riots began.. Numerous protests including violent & non-violent ones took and are still taking place.. Businesses in the St. Louis area as well as other areas are being looted and some of them even are being burned down.

    If you're in North America you can probably just watch the news all this week and manage to catch some images/videos of the current state of that area, however if you don't feel like doing that or don't feel like they'd cover it in your area than feel free to check it out on the web all over the place by looking up keywords "Ferguson Riots".. or you can just click the link down below and catch a little bit of it.

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  2. I watched some of this on the News but then Had to Change it Because i wanted to Trash my room after the outcome of this
  3. Honestly, they're the ones at fault. Yeah Brown was killed but then they go ahead and trash the town, destroy home owned business and loot them. Sounds to me the assholes who did it found the perfect excuse to go haywire. There's no excuse for what they did.
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  4. I hate that they keep saying, at least over here, "unarmed black teen" - it makes no difference if he's black, white, pink or green. They're deliberately trying to incite the riots that are happening, the media that is, by keep saying that.

    At the end of the day they found nothing on him to charge him. Why is it always unjust or wrong when the cop is found not guilty or whatever. Equality and justice works both ways, not just when the cop is sent down.
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  5. Apparently a big reason they chose not to indict is because the autopsy negated over 80% of all of the witnesses claims on what went down that night.. Makes sense, that's what happens when you try to make claims that someone was barely able to see legitimately.
  6. The real issue is the fact that the police have this kind of equipment. Sorry, no need for it.
  7. According to the letter of the law he was within his rights to kill the kid.... so maybe it is time we look at the law and start holding the police a little more responsible for their actions.

    Good read on why cops don't face punishment for killing civilians: http://www.vox.com/2014/11/25/7173695/ferguson-police-officer-prosecution

    US Cops have killed over FIVE. THOUSAND. CIVILIANS. since 9/11

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  8. I think the autopsy countering damn near all of the witness statements pretty much put the nail in the coffin as far as him not being indicted goes.
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  10. Isn't there evidence proving that the cop was just defending himself and that it's just some stupid reason for Ferguson to start another riot?
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Michael Brown, was unarmed... so the cop had no right to kill Michael Brown

    Wilson drove his car and yelled at Brown to get out of the middle of the road. An assault took place in the car. Some witnesses say that Wilson pulled Brown into his car. Some say that Brown pulled Wilson out of the car. Somehow, Brown breaks free (or releases Wilson) and runs away. Some witnesses say that Wilson shot Brown a few times, Brown surrendered with his hands up, and then Wilson continued to fire and kill. Other witnesses say that Wilson told him to stop, Brown charged at Wilson, and then Wilson fired and killed Brown.

    • There definitely is gun shot residue in Wilson's car.
    • There was definitely a struggle in the car.
    • Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, with no shots in the back
  13. One witness straight up changed his story right on the stand near when it was about to be decision time so that had a big effect on it.. I watched the cop's interview and it seems like he's telling the absolute truth.. I wasn't there so I can't say for sure but his side of the whole thing is very believable.
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  15. I have no simpathy for crooks who shoot on police. Glad he got clipped.
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  16. So they are saying last night was a "much better" night for Ferguson than the previous one.. now I'm trying to predict how this Cleveland shooting is going to play out.. I'd imagine it's going have a similar outcome, I just hope they don't tear up the armpit that is Cleveland and make it even worse.
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  17. Fucking lol'd so hard watching this.

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  18. I would've done the same thing. lol
    Maybe reverse also to hit more people.
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