News Fernando of Los Matadores Injured

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    Fernando (formerly Epic0) of Los Matadores suffered two leg injuries at this past weekend's live event in Delaware. Fortunately it's not terribly serious but he has a knee sprain and a significant ankle sprain. He is in a boot and walking on crutches. Speculations by the doctor who diagnosed his injuries suggest he will be out of action for about 3-4 weeks.

    This isn't exactly the worst news for the WWE but it's news none the less, hopefully he goes through safe/fast recovery because we don't need less tag teams in the division.
  2. Meh, they're never even on TV anyway. Can't say I'll miss him.
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  3. Nothing ever happen with them anyway, they're like fillers in a band's studio album, they appear on the track listings but they aren't that popular. Nothing really is gonna make a difference with him gone for a bit.
  4. Who? Los Shitadores? I don't give two fucks about them.
  5. My life is ruined.

    Seriously: Too bad for them. They did well on the house show circuit and the mini feud between 3 1/2MB and the matadores was fun.
  6. The 3MB/Matadores feud was horrific, a bloody joke.
  7. Excuse me for enjoying fun wrestling then.

    It was a short, none serious program which allowed every member involved to shine.
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  8. Sorry, buddy. But it wasn't everyone's cup of tea. I just hated the fact that 3 very talented individuals like Slater, McIntyre and Mahal had to be jobbers.
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  9. Someone has to be. And if they enjoy it (which they obviously did). Don't see a reason not to. Not everyone can be a main eventer.
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  10. Man, swoggle vs Torito #1 was awesome.
  11. WLC is up there as one of my WWE MOTYC
  12. I do think the 3MB/Matadores program dragged a bit towards the end but up until that weeLC it was alright, especially that match. Man, Drew just throwing himself over the top rope like a mad man :dawg:
  13. Yeah, WLC match is the only part of their feud that wasn't a complete yawn fest.
  14. According to the IWC, everyone must be a main eventer and if they're not OMGMISUSEDTALENT
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