Music Festival Season

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Cloud, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. Anyone being to any festivals this year?

    I went to a free festival just outside of Manchester called Festwich. Basically you just pay the booking fee which then goes to charity. Works out at £5 for the two days.

    Anyways its a mix of up and coming Indie, Rock and Metal acts from Manchester to tribute acts ranging from Bon Jovi to Slipknot.

    Damn awesome weekend tbh lots to see and hear and as I said its £5.

    Best acts were Flew Fighters(Foo Fighters), Knotslip(Slipknot) and a band called Sinnergod.

    Fantastic fun, family friendly and great atmosphere with bands for young and old. Anyways anyone been any festivals this year?
  2. I was supposed to go to Hevy this month, but as I'm on placement and I have work so I won't be going.

    I went to Belgium in May for Groezrock, which is a punk festival in it's 11th (or 12th) year. The Hives were one of the headliners and were incredible. I was mostly there to work (as a runner for one of the teams filming a stage) so I missed a few bands, but every year it's awesome.
    The line up is always great and the festival goers are always cool.
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  3. Seen The Hives play the UK last year they are awesome and have a fantastic frontman who just rocks a crowd.
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